Composting Calendar Features Sexy Women Posing With Excrement

Tara Dodrill

Fertile Earth Foundation opted for an eye-catching theme to promote their composting ideals. A heaping pile of waste might not sound like picturesque scene to shoot, but, if you add sexy women into the mix, the calendars might just fly off the shelves.

The eco-focused company's compost calendar is an attempt to get folks excited about waste management, MSN notes. Attractive, scantily clad women are posed adorned in heaps of worms, on horse apples, and next to composting toilets.

Making composting sexy was likely not a trivial task. If the Fertile Earth Foundation's efforts attract more attention to earth-friendly waste management, the calendar project has done its job. The South Florida "Ladies of Manure" calendar proceeds benefit the foundation.

The composting calendar's Ms. April features a woman sexy enough to be on the Playboy annual calendar. The three-inch heel wearing blonde is not surrounded by feathers or leather but fish poop.

During an interview with the Miami Herald, Fertile Earth Foundation founder Lanette Sobel had this to say about the "Ladies of Manure" calendar:

"The whole point of this is to make it less disgusting. If this hot chick doesn't mind smearing fish poop all over her, maybe it's not that bad. It's a resource, it's not waste."

A $25 online donation to the Fertile Earth Foundation is all that is necessary to own a manure models calendar.

[Image via: Fertile Earth Foundation - Photo Credit: Ben Thacker]