‘Little People, Big World’ Star Tori Roloff Opens Up On Having Another Child, Adding A Puppy To The Family

Tori RoloffInstagram

Tori Roloff has become a staple on TLC’s Little People, Big World since she entered Zach Roloff’s life a few years ago. LPBW viewers got to watch as Tori and Zach got married, revealed they were expecting their first child, and then welcomed Jackson into the world. While Zach isn’t typically on social media a lot, Tori has been sharing lots of updates with fans and she’s revealed some fun tidbits lately.

Earlier this week, Zach’s brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey revealed that they are ready to move on from Little People, Big World, as the Inquisitr reported. They are pursuing other projects, like publishing a book, and they shared that they’ve been moving toward this departure for a while now. Luckily, Tori shared that she, Zach, and Jackson aren’t going anywhere. The LPBW star says that they feel they have more of their story yet to tell and viewers are feeling relieved that they’re not leaving too.

Zach, Tori, and Jackson recently moved into a new house and they just decided to get a puppy. In her latest Instagram Stories, Roloff says that the first day with new puppy Murphy was a success. However, she also admitted that she was wiped out. She says that they all played hard during that first day, and they already love Murphy a lot. Tori even joked when asked whether babies or puppies were harder that the day was a tie.

Murphy is a Bernese mountain dog, the same breed that their beloved Sully was. Tori notes that the breed is known for being safe with kids and very loving, so it makes sense that they’d get the same type of dog again. The Little People, Big World star says that so far, Jackson is reacting well to having a dog.

As much fun as they’re having with Murphy already, the LPBW star admits that getting Murphy was a more emotional experience for her than she expected. She said they still miss Sully every day, and they did wait a while before getting a dog again but felt it was the right time.

There has been plenty of speculation swirling about a second pregnancy for Tori, but as Good Housekeeping shared a while back, she’s said she’s not expecting at this point. However, Little People, Big World fans know that Tori and Zach had discussions on the show about getting another dog, and he was resistant. There was a bit of a deal in place about getting a dog and having another kid, and naturally, Tori is already facing questions about that.

When asked about the “shop reopening” and pursuing another child, Roloff noted that she can’t believe she had actually used that phrasing that on national television. Tori did admit that the LPBW couple wants to expand their family soon though. As far as she or Zach have noted, they aren’t expecting yet, but it sounds as if they might head in that direction soon.

One other great tidbit was that the LPBW star said she doesn’t plan on ever moving away from Oregon. While she’s originally from Vancouver, Washington, she loves Oregon and it’s where she and Zach plan to stay. This is great news for fans, especially since some of the other Roloff family members have moved away from the area or talk about doing it eventually.

Little People, Big World fans are certainly breathing a sigh of relief that Tori, Zach, Jackson, and Murphy aren’t planning to move away or leave the show. It sounds as if viewers have a lot to look forward to in future episodes as Murphy settles into joining the Roloff family and people hope that a second pregnancy isn’t too far down the road.