Stars Share Powerful Op-Ed In Support Of Asia Argento Following Anthony Bourdain Suicide Backlash

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A group of celebrities who have fallen victim to sexual assault and harassment throughout their careers, including Rose McGowan, Terry Crews, Patricia Arquette, Olivia Munn, and Mira Sorvino, crafted a powerful op-ed in the Los Angeles Times defending poignant #MeToo supporter and fellow victim of sexual assault Asia Argento from the backlash she has consistently received over the suicide of her boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, since his passing.

Page Six reported that the op-ed, written in response to those making claims against Argento that she is in some way responsible for Bourdain’s death, states directly that she “has now found herself on the receiving end of vicious cyberbullying and repulsive slander at the hands of internet trolls who hold her responsible for Anthony’s death.”

The op-ed, titled “An open letter to anyone who loves Anthony Bourdain and what he stood for,” continues on to state that “She has been accused of everything from causing her boyfriend’s suicide to trying to use her ‘survivor status‘ and the #MeToo movement to advance her career.”

The writing goes on to explain that Bourdain, during his relationship to Argento, became a key and consistent contributor to the #MeToo movement, holding his position firmly as well as his rejection of the “traditional narrative of blaming, vilifying and martyring courageous women.”

Those involved in the op-ed’s penning continued on by maintaining that coming forward as a victim of sexual assault is “a highly difficult, sometimes traumatizing and humiliating experience,” and, unlike some may believe, not “a badge of honor or career booster.”

It then goes on to ask of people that are grieving Bourdain’s passing to direct their anger elsewhere, not to project false claims onto Argento, who was not even in the same country as her lover at the time of his passing.

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“We are here to ask those who are angry and grieving the loss of Anthony to find a healthy outlet for their pain. Asia is a survivor, just as we are, and her fame and outward show of strength does not make her any less vulnerable. Asia is not a headline — she is a human being, and she is in horrific pain.”

The heartfelt, but powerful writing concludes with a blanket statement in regards to Argento and the situation overall, that “Our standing up for her is standing up to any and all bullies. We implore you to be kind to each other, to believe survivors, to stand up for survivors, to encourage, support and sympathize with them.”

Bourdain, a famed chef, TV show host, as well as the author of multiple bestselling novels, was found dead of suicide in his hotel room in Kaysersberg, France on June 8 while in the country filming an upcoming episode of Parts Unknown with his close friend French-born chef Eric Ripert. He was 61-years-old.