‘Little Couple’ Family Embraces Summertime In Florida: Will, Zoey, Jen Arnold, And Bill Klein Having A Blast

Jordan StraussDiscovery Communications via AP Images

TLC still has not revealed a firm date regarding when they will start airing new episodes of The Little Couple again. However, the family is still doing well and keeping busy and Dr. Jennifer Arnold has shared some great updates lately on social media. What’s the latest from Jen, husband Bill Klein, and kids Will and Zoey?

Jen and Bill both keep very busy with their various professional obligations, but they keep Will and Zoey busy with fun kid-related activities as well. Arnold recently shared a photo on Instagram of the kids at what looks like it is probably a local children’s museum, and the Little Couple star regularly shares photos of the kids swimming in the pool or at the beach.

The Arnold-Klein family doesn’t live too far from Disney World now, and it looks like Will and Zoey love spending time there. Zoey recently got to meet Doc McStuffins and Jen shared a fantastic picture of the two together on Instagram. The kids have had encounters with Tigger at the Crystal Palace and they got to meet Donald Duck while visiting Disney recently with some of their cousins. Jen even got in on the fun when she joined Bill’s brother Tom on the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster.

Of course, Little Couple fans continue to regularly ask for updates regarding when a new season will debut on TLC. It has been a long wait for regular seasons, primarily due to a complicated set of lawsuits that kept the series off the air. Bill, Jen, Will, and Zoey were back for one short season a few months back, but it’s been a rather long hiatus again.

Luckily, the family has continued to film and there is more Little Couple on the way. The legal issues seem to have been mostly resolved, but so far, TLC hasn’t revealed anything specific for anxious fans.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Arnold did recently tell a fan that she was hearing that the show would return this fall. TLC typically doesn’t share premiere dates very far in advance, unfortunately, but it does sound as if a new season should begin soon.

There is obviously a lot to catch up on once The Little Couple returns to TLC with new episodes. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey had faced some difficult times with health issues and big life changes in the last few seasons, but it looks like everybody is doing quite well now. The family is certainly having a blast in Florida this summer, now that they’re feeling settled after their move last year, and fans hope that the series will start airing new episodes again very soon.