Best Horror Movies On Netflix To Watch On Friday The 13th


Horror fans are fairly hardcore about their fandom – as laid out by ThoughtCatalogue – and can be very protective of their absolute favorites. Slashers, chillers, and psychological horror movies are just some of the different subgenres that are popular in the horror community. And the horror community comes together on one very special day that only occurs up to three times a year – Friday the 13th.

So, on this special day that comes but once, twice, or thrice a year – horror fans are all too ready to replace Netflix and chill with Netflix and thrill. Some of the finest horror flicks to grace the silver screen and are totally available for streaming on Netflix follow.

#5. Hellraiser (1987): Clive Barker’s magnum opus and one of the most truly disturbing films of the 1980s, Hellraiser introduces us to the demonic cenobites, including ringleader Pinhead. Very gory for its time and unrepentant in its use of visceral, bloody imagery, the film remains a genre classic and is the perfect popcorn movie to celebrate this Friday.

#4. Cube (1997): Part sci-fi, part horror, all-engrossing – Cube is one of the first smaller budget films to have left a huge mark on audiences for its simple ingenuity and intriguing plotline. Six survivors awaken in a strange, expressionistic room. Hatches on all sides allow for movement, some are blocked, some are open, and some rooms hold lethal traps for those that cross the threshold. A Canadian film project and a cult classic, Cube stands up against the tides of time and is rumored to be receiving a remake from Lionsgate, albeit stalled, according to Gizmodo.

#3. Red Dragon (2002): Anthony Hopkins returns as the inimitable Hannibal Lecter in a prequel to Silence of the Lambs. Also starring the remarkably talented Edward Norton and Ralph Fiennes in addition to Harvey Keitel, Red Dragon is a masterpiece of modern horror storytelling, weaving a compelling plot around a stirring air of suspense that culminates in an action-packed final sequence. Cannibalism, familial abuse, and twisted personalities make the plot sing. Red Dragon is a movie that horror fans will not soon forget, and maintains a very high esteem amongst genre followers for the performances, strength of script, and set design.

#2. Beyond the Gates (2016): A somewhat campy yet altogether creepy take on the popular VHS boardgames of the 1980s and 1990s – most notably Atmosfear or Nightmare – Beyond the Gates tells the story of two brothers who find themselves cleaning out their missing father’s video rental store. Finding an old copy of a VHS board game, the titular Beyond the Gates (a cognate for these horror-inspired board games of yesteryear) the brothers sit down with their significant others to try their luck and are dismayed when things start to get deeply, darkly personal right away. A chillingly adult version of something like Jumanji ensues, with the stakes being their very souls.

#1. Train to Busan (2016): Zombies, flawlessly executed, and a fast movie with a frenetic energy make this movie what it is. Tired of dawdling, shambling walkers and volumes of pointless exposition a la AMC’s The Walking Dead? This one is for you. Caged in a steel tube that is the train, the zombie apocalypse begins almost immediately as a girl with a bite mark on her leg goes wild within moments, beginning a panic that persists throughout the entire running time. Delightful action sequences, high emotions, and perfectly tight plot writing make this movie an absolute must see for action fans and zombie movie nuts alike.

A special mention has to be shouted out to the supremely interesting Spanish language film Veronica, which was covered in depth by the Inquisitr earlier, though their verdict was that the infamous film was more tragic and sadly stirring than truly frightening or scary.

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No matter which combination of the above Netflix offerings one decides to binge watch with a bucket of beverages and a platter of snacks, there’s sure to be enough scares and suspense to delight even the most stolid of horror movie fans.