Duchess Meghan’s High Heels May Be More Than Just A Fashion Choice


Duchess Meghan is already making a name for herself as a fashionista and she is virtually never seen wearing anything but high heels. While her shoe choice is surely at least partially related to her fashion style, it seems that there is another reason why she consistently wears heels.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle typically wears high heels in order to maintain a sense of height balance when she’s with her husband, Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex is 5’6″ tall, while the Duke of Sussex is 6’1″ tall. Without the heels, there would be a noticeable imbalance in the many photographs that are taken when the two do public engagements.

Celebrity photographer Glenn Gratton explained that a height imbalance like the one between Harry and Meghan can lead to the two looking unbalanced in pictures and as if the shorter of the two is always looking up at their significant other. While Meghan’s heels, even her stilettos, still leave a bit of a height difference between the Duke and the Duchess, it doesn’t leave them looking seriously unbalanced.

Markle has been seen wearing high heels at a wide range of royal events, even in settings where it is surely difficult to walk in them. This was the case in Dublin when Meghan and Harry attended Croke Park and she needed to walk on the grass, and she paired heels with jeans last spring at the Bath University when she joined the prince at the Invictus Games team trials on the track.

Glamour points out that Markle also utilizes other tricks to help this height and balance issue. She often wears high-waisted pencil skirts and those tend to create clean, long lines that give the optical illusion that she is taller than she truly is.

Royal watchers know that Markle’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton is regularly seen wearing more casual shoes at events where they are appropriate. While it’s possible that the Duchess of Sussex will eventually start wearing more casual footwear as she settles into her royal role, it’s worth noting that Kate is a bit taller than Meghan. At 5’10” tall, Middleton doesn’t have as much to worry about in terms of balancing things out with her 6’2″ tall husband Prince William.

While Duchess Meghan has worn a few things that didn’t necessarily strike the perfect note with fans, for the most part, she’s hit it out of the park at nearly every event. The high heels are quickly becoming a bit of a signature part of Markle’s style, but it is certainly interesting to many to gain a better understanding of why she’s wearing them aside from them simply being a fashion choice.