‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael And Nelle’s Big Day Arrives And Things Get Wild In Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

It is time for Michael and Nelle to get married on General Hospital and spoilers tease that this will be a truly soapy event. At the end of Thursday’s episode, viewers were treated to a sneak peek for the July 13 show that was jam-packed with hints of the chaos ahead and this should be a wild one. What can viewers expect?

Michael and Chase have laid the groundwork to set up Nelle and so far, she seems to be taking the bait. General Hospital spoilers indicate that people will start to gather for the big event, with Lulu noting to Ned that it seems crazy to be getting married on Friday the 13th. Brad and Lucas will be getting ready to go and something leads Brad to get a bit panicky over the ceremony being less than an hour away. Elsewhere, Mike loses track of what they’re getting ready for, needing a reminder from Jason and Sonny.

Ava is going to make mention of it being a true love match, and She Knows Soaps notes that Ava will be involved in another interesting moment with Friday’s episode. She’ll cross paths with Oscar, probably as everybody gathers for the wedding, and she’ll sense something familiar about him.

This is surely going to be connected to the cologne that Josslyn gave him, that was originally in Nelle’s hands as she tortured Carly over Morgan. Ava is perhaps the one person who could blow all of this up for Nelle, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this cologne situation could become integral to seeing everything shift.


Everybody will also watch Carly throw a fit at Ferncliff, as she’ll surely be quite upset that she’s stuck there as Michael prepares to marry Nelle. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll insist on seeing Kevin, but there’s not much he’ll be able to do to help her at the moment.

Jason and Drew will spend a moment talking, and Sam will tell Drew that they’re still family to one another. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Chase will make a plea, and this is likely going to involve him “begging” Nelle to bail on her wedding and run off with him. These pleas of his are part of his plan with Michael, and she seemed close to falling for it earlier in the week.

Viewers are also buzzing over the upcoming moment where Nelle seemingly stabs Michael at the altar. While everybody will have to tune in to see how this plays out, it is almost guaranteed that this is someone imagining or dreaming this. Nelle wouldn’t stab Michael in front of everybody and think she’ll end up with his money, of course, so it’s more a matter of whether this is Carly, Michael, Nelle, or someone else imagining this.

Soap Central shares that Ned will be involved in the chaos playing out on Friday, and it seems likely that everybody will be left with a cliffhanger for the weekend. Can Michael come out on top in this plan to destroy Nelle and vindicate Carly? General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s going to be a wild ride as this storyline moves forward and fans won’t want to miss any of the action.