Eric Trump Says U.K. Protests Against His Father Have Been Over-Hyped

Drew AngererGetty Images

Eric Trump is already in Scotland and is disappointed that the negative reaction to his father’s visit to the U.K. is being “hyped up.” But Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declined to meet with any of the Trumps during this visit, causing Eric Trump to call her “a shallow critic.”

The Daily Mail says that Sturgeon has not minced words about her feelings about Donald Trump, calling his views “deeply abhorrent.” Eric and Donald Trump Jr. flew into Scotland yesterday and are waiting for their father to join them this weekend for a round of golf with approximately 40 American businessmen who were flown in on the plane dubbed “Trump Force One.”

But Eric Trump said he and his father take protests in stride.

“There is always a big disconnect between citizens and politicians. We have seen that in our own country often enough, but I guess we have thick-skin. If you look at the people in Aberdeen and Turnberry they love what we have done to the two sites we have and the hundreds of millions we have invested in the country.”

Eric Trump believes that the people of Scotland are grateful and thinks Sturgeon should be too.


Eric Trump continues, saying at the end of the day, the Trumps will prevail, and most politicians will fall by the wayside.

“It’s something that should be celebrated and not criticised. I think it takes a pretty shallow person to criticise it and many of these people are shallow. They will come and go and we won’t, and we will still be here investing in these properties for generations to come.”

Trump also took the time to dismiss the Aberdeen Bay Windfarm his father had rallied against, saying that wind energy is not very useful.

“I don’t think anyone in the world can tell you that wind energy is a great form of energy. I think it was a foolish location, but at the end of the day I think it is irrelevant and it doesn’t make any difference to this course. We will see how long they last.”

Eric Trump says that the Trump’s visit to the U.K. would have pleased his grandmother who was born in Scotland, adding that this visit to the U.K. has been excellent for international relations.

“It’s a great thing for international relations and if you look at the UK and you look at Scotland and the US – what two allies, anywhere in the world at any time in history have been more powerful allies than us? I think having a president with those roots, that has spent so much time in those places, is a beautiful thing.”

Eric Trump wrapped up by saying that the Trump family is planning many more visits to the U.K.