‘Big Brother’ Veterans Condemn Scottie Salton For Voting Swaggy C Out While Wearing His Shirt

The incoming HOH delivered a low blow as he voted Swaggy out while wearing his swag.

Scottie Salton
Monty Brinton / CBS

The incoming HOH delivered a low blow as he voted Swaggy out while wearing his swag.

Big Brother fans have strong opinions over the eviction of Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. The outspoken Big Brother Season 20 houseguest was sent packing on Thursday’s live eviction episode. And while Swaggy’s eviction itself wasn’t a surprise –he was Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman’s target, after all– how the backdoor blindside played out definitely was. In 20 seasons of Big Brother, there have been few evictions as cutthroat as Swaggy’s.

Swaggy C’s closest allies in the Big Brother house – Faysal, Hayleigh, Rockstar, and his showmance Bayleigh – all voted for him to stay in the game, with some of them wearing Swaggy’s self-branded shirts as they cast their votes in support of him. When Scottie Salton entered the diary room to cast his vote, he too was wearing a Swaggy C shirt. But Scottie quickly turned on the guy whose swag he was advertising.

Scottie, a self-described “goober” and 26-year-old virgin who says he has never even been on a date, looked into the camera and said, “I’m not anyone’s goon. I vote to evict Chris.”

Swaggy C seemed clueless about Scottie Salton’s betrayal during his exit interview with Julie Chen. In fact, he told the Big Brother host that it was Scottie’s idea for Swaggy’s supporters to wear his shirts for the live vote on eviction night. Swaggy presumed that Hayleigh Broucher was the person who betrayed him because she waffled over the shirt idea, and he snubbed her as he exited the Big Brother house while giving Scottie a heartfelt hug.

  Monty Brinton / CBS

Several Big Brother veterans were not happy with Scottie Salton and his unnecessarily cold-blooded move. Big Brother legends Janelle Pierzina and Dan Gheesling both condemned Scottie’s eviction night shirt move, making it clear that they can’t get behind Scottie now. You can see some of the tweets below.

While some Big Brother fans are hoping Swaggy C may get some sort of chance to battle his way back into the game, that scenario is a bit unlikely considering how much Julie Chen told him about the votes during her exit interview with him.

Meanwhile, Scottie Salton went on to win the live Head of Household competition which means he will call the shots this week. Or, as Big Brother Season 8 champ Evel Dick Donato predicts, puppetmaster Tyler Crispen will actually be the HOH for the third week in a row as he pulls Scottie’s strings.

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