Cat Fighting For Its Life After Someone Set Off Firecracker In Its Rectum, $2,000 Reward Offered For Arrest

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An Ohio cat is fighting for its life after someone set off a firecracker in the animal’s rectum, and outraged officials are now offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to the attacker’s arrest.

The incident happened earlier this week in the town of Mansfield, with the severely injured animal being found near the apartment where she lived and taken to Phillips Animal Hospital for emergency treatment. As WKRN reported, the animal underwent surgery for its injuries and was able to pull through, but veterinarians are now determining in the animal will be able to make a recovery or if it will be left permanently incontinent, which could lead to it being put down.

The Humane Society of Richland County posted an update this week about the neighborhood cat, whose name is Katy P. The animal’s prognosis remained unclear as veterinarians were monitoring her recovery in the days after her surgery. The organization’s board of directors raised $500 as a reward and the community raised an additional $1,500 for information that leads to an arrest.

The crime shocked the community and garnered national headlines. Those who cared for the cat said it is the worst case of animal abuse they had ever seen.

“Angry, disgusted, horrified, sad. To think, this cat is a friendly cat and went up to someone with no realization of what was going to happen to her,” Missy Houghton of the Humane Society told WCMH.

And even though Katy P. may have survived the initial attack, the cat has a long and painful road to recovery ahead, Houghton added. That includes further surgeries for the horrific injuries she suffered.

“There’s a section of tail where there is no bone. So like, the bones disintegrated in her tail. She will more than likely have her tail amputated,” she said.


If Katy P. is not able to fully recover or if she remains incontinent, she may need to be put down, Houghton said. In the meantime, the organization was also accepting donations toward the cat’s care, which is expected to be very expensive.

“If you would like to donate to Katy P’s care, please visit our website at and click on the PayPal link,” the Humane Society posted in a Facebook update. “We really appreciate this amazing outpouring of support, and will post updates as they are available. Thank you!”

Police have not said if they have a suspect in the brutal attack on the cat.