‘The Bachelor’: Raven Gates Tells All About Her Shocking Final Days With Nick Viall

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Raven Gates is opening up about her time on The Bachelor, and her relationship with Nick Viall. The former Bachelor in Paradise star is revealing some shocking information about her time on the show.

According to a July 12 report by Life & Style Magazine, Raven Gates talked about her time in the fantasy suite with Nick Viall. Although fans of The Bachelor seemed to believe that Raven and Nick had been intimate during their time alone without the cameras, Gates says that is simply not the case.

Raven Gates claims that not only did her and Nick Viall not get intimate, but that she didn’t want to marry him at all. The Bachelor runner-up shockingly says that she did not want to accept a proposal from Viall, and that she had repeatedly told producers that she couldn’t go through with it, admitting that she believed Nick was going to pop the question to her during the finale.

“I will tell you this, I actually stopped Chris Harrison before I walked in [to the finale] because I was like ‘I cant do it, I cannot do it.’ He mentioned a ring before, and I told a producer, ‘if he sends someone over here for rings I cant do it,'” Raven confessed.

However, Nick Viall did not propose to Raven Gates. Instead, he got down on one knee and asked Vanessa Grimaldi to marry him. The couple got engaged, but split less than a year later. Raven went on to appear on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, where she met her current boyfriend, Adam Gottschalk.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Raven says she is “obsessed” with Adam, and even teased that they could make a special appearance on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and possibly even announce an engagement.

“I’m really obsessed with Adam. I’m just really happy to be with him. I really do feel, like, butterflies talking about him. He at first was, like, so obsessed with me, and now I’m so obsessed with him. I’m calling him from work, like, ‘When are you coming home? Are you home yet? Can you come home early?'” Raven told The Morning Toast hosts Claudia Oshry and Jackie Oshry during an appearance on Wednesday.

Sources have also told Us Weekly that Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are “so happy” together and that they have been telling friends and family members close to him that an engagement is soon in the cards for them.