Kim Kardashian Made $500,000 In One Instagram Post Advertising Morning Sickness Pill Called Diclegis

Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

Companies know the power that celebrities and influencers have on their followers. So it’s not surprising that some of them would reach out to someone like Kim Kardashian for a little marketing help. With over 114 million followers on Instagram, her posts routinely get one to over 3 million likes.

So when the pharmaceutical company, Duchesnay USA, wanted to reach a bunch of their potential customers, they made perhaps a smart, strategic move: They asked Kim to pose holding a bottle of their morning sickness drug, Diclegis, and then supplied her with the text to put in the captions. And voila, Kim had made half a million dollars, according to Hello Giggles.

The FDA cracked down on the original post from 2015, though, because it failed to include the potential side effects and warnings. However, Kim later posted another Diclegis Instagram post in 2017, which is still up and has all of the side effects listed in the captions. Nobody knows how much she made for the 2017 post.

Although the deal happened years before, people are just now finding out the huge payday for Kim. As Hollywood Life put it, Kim made more money posting one Instagram post than President Trump makes in an entire year of being the commander of the free world (which is only $400,000). Sure, she had to take the right photo for her Instagram page, which arguably took some time, but it’s certainly nothing at all like navigating a year’s worth of politics and hundreds of politicians.

And was the marketing ploy successful? It appears that it was. Apparently, Diclegis sales increased by 21 percent after Kim’s 2015 post, which certainly put the company in the green, even with the huge payout to Kim.

The 2015 post had this caption, reported the Daily Mail.

“OMG. Have you heard about this? As you guys know my #morningsickness has been pretty bad. I tried changing things about my lifestyle, like my diet, but nothing helped, so I talked to my doctor…. He prescribed me #Diclegis, and I felt a lot better and most importantly, it’s been studied and there was no increased risk to the baby. I’m so excited and happy with my results that I’m partnering with Duchesnay USA to raise awareness about treating morning sickness…. If you have morning sickness, be safe and sure to ask your doctor about the pill with the pregnant woman on it and find out more.”

Although it reads like an ad campaign, some unsuspecting fans may have believed it to be a genuine recommendation from Kim. And even though the FDA pushed back and the original post was taken down, the company had already gotten what it needed: tons of publicity, targeted to a very specific demographic.

Recent Instagram posts by Kim show her also posing with a bottle of Bonjesta, which was posted on June 20. Bonjesta is also a morning sickness pill by Duchesnay USA. Maybe in a year or two, we’ll find out exactly how much Kim made with that post.