‘Big Brother’ Kaitlyn Herman’s Boyfriend Speaks Out About Her Flirty Behavior With ‘BB20’ Co-Stars

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Kaitlyn Herman may have “manifested” her Big Brother win, but she probably didn’t predict her hometown boyfriend’s reaction to her on-camera antics. The Encino life coach will get a dose of reality when she exits the CBS reality show. Herman’s flirty behavior in the Big Brother house, as well as some of her other antics, has her hometown guy fired up.

During the CBS’s 24/7 live feed videos, Kaitlyn has been caught cozying up to fellow Big Brother houseguests Tyler Crispen and Brett Robinson, and she had the nerve to break down in tears in jealousy when Faysal Shafaat began getting closer to Haleigh Broucher, making it seem as though she has romantic feelings for him despite the fact that she has a boyfriend at home.

Kaitlyn Herman was seen on the live feed laying in bed with Tyler Crispen and telling him, “I would drop everything for you,” and “I want to kiss you.” She also did Crispen’s dirty work by nominating his target, Swaggy C, for eviction, even though he was one of her allies.

In addition to her heavy flirtations with the handsome Big Brother males, Herman has come under fire for blurting out the n-word during a conversation with two houseguests.

thank you for making everyday feel like my birthday ????

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According to Us Weekly, Kaitlyn entered the Big Brother house already attached to boyfriend Joe Pincus, a professional musician who goes by the stage name Aire Atlantica. But she seems like she wants a showmance with one of her Big Brother co-stars. The problem is, she doesn’t seem to know which one.

Joe Pincus took to Twitter to issue a statement on Kaitlyn’s Big Brother behavior, revealing he initially “tried to stay silent,” but realized that wasn’t an option due to “the volume of everything on TV and social media.”

“I’ve been trying to separate myself from the show and the situation as much as possible. I did indeed request (not demand) for [my] ‘show release’ to be pulled, and that is still to be determined (I’m aware people in past seasons have done this)…Won’t be saying anything else on this – I’ll be focusing on my family and friends, wellbeing and my music. Thanks to the people who have been passing my songs around and not pushing a false narrative, and good luck to all the contestants in the game.”

A Twitter account claiming to be Pincus’ sister also tweeted about the awkward situation.

“I’m aireatlantica’s sister and Kaitlyn’s former friend. Stop tweeting at him. We are all aware of her psycho and out of character antics. Trust me, he can and WILL do much better than her and doesn’t need anyone’s pity. If you want to support him, follow and share his music.”

Us Weekly reports that it is likely that Pincus signed a release prior to Herman going on Big Brother so that she could speak openly about him on camera, and now he would like it revoked. It now also appears that Kaitlyn Herman’s boyfriend is ready to distance himself from her before she returns to the real world.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesday, and Thursdays on CBS.