Kate Hudson Posts Sexy Throwback Bikini Pic, Says 'It Seems Like A Lifetime Ago'

Holly Chavez

Kate Hudson appears to be missing her pre-pregnancy body and reminiscing about a time when she didn't have a burgeoning belly if her recent comments on an Instagram photo are any indication. The 39-year-old actress uploaded a throwback photo Thursday, and the image shows an earlier photo of a smiling and carefree Kate rocking a smokin' red and white bikini.

Kate Hudson captioned the picture with, "It seems like a lifetime ago... #ThirdTrimester @fabletics ❤️."

Back in April, and just two weeks after announcing she was expecting her first child with musician boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, the Marshall star fully embraced her baby bump by taking to Instagram to share a picture of her growing tummy. The Instagram photo shows the Golden Globe winner wearing a crimson bikini adorned with a glamorous and chunky Citrine necklace. Kate also chose to accessorize her tanned and pregnant belly with a gold belly chain.

At that time she wrote, "A different kind of beach bod brewing????????#HeyGirl????#Sunday #CitrineOnSolarPlexusWatchOut????"

There's probably no need to worry because Kate is probably just having a moment where she is ready for the baby to arrive already. After all, she admitted herself that the pregnancy hasn't all been "fun photos and roses." According to ET, Kate said in the early beginnings of her pregnancy that she often needed a "bed and a bucket."

After seeing her comments on the Instagram photo, Kate's fans encouraged her to embrace her pregnant form.

One commenter said,

"What your body is experiencing now, hands down..THE MOST MIRACULOUS(female only ever.. event,lol) the forming, nurturing, developing a HUMAN LIFE! NOTHING CAN BEAT THAT! #motherchildbirthing, #nootherbondlikeit"
"You're beautiful there and your beautiful now❤️"

"You'll be back to that in a flash!!!"

"Soon it will be like this again and better????!!!"

"You'll be back to that in a flash!!!"

"Soon it will be like this again and better????!!!"