New Season Of ‘Counting On’ Will Have Plenty Of Duggar-Style Drama

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A brand new season of TLC’s Counting On will be headed your way in just a couple of weeks. Duggar fans are anxiously waiting to see all of the drama surrounding budding courtships, proposals, wedding preparations, and of course, birthing those babies who are so abundant lately. The network has recently put together a preview clip and posted it on Facebook showing some of the happenings that are coming up at the end of the month. What does this reality show have in store for the new season?

The lead up to Josiah and Lauren’s nuptials will be one of the front and center stories. It looks like Jana and her BFF, Laura, hosted the festivities of what looks to be the couple’s bachelor/bachelorette party with plenty of games and fun.

Babies will also be headlining the show as always. There will be two pregnancy announcements. One is from Joe and Kendra, and finally an announcement from Jinger and Jeremy. Some fans have already seen Kendra’s first experience with giving birth to baby Garrett online, but it looks like they will have that episode this season as well for anyone else who hasn’t been able to see it. Jinger Duggar hasn’t yet had her little girl yet, but she is expected to have her and Jeremy’s first baby any time now.

Joy and Austin had their baby boy, Gideon, on February 23. Counting On had the cameras zoomed in on the new mom as she went into labor for 20 hours and then ended up being rushed to the hospital to have her baby. Joy expressed that her greatest fear is having a C-section, and she ended up having exactly that.


She got through it, but it was an emotional and somewhat fearful time for both her and Austin. It didn’t help matters any when sister Jessa Seewald reminded Joy in the clip while she was still pregnant that the Duggar women have a tendency to have 9 lb. babies. The look on the poor girl’s face is priceless. Gideon ended up weighing in at 10 lbs., 3 oz.

Jinger also expressed her worries over childbirth. It looks like her and Jeremy may have taken childbirth preparation classes. This should be fun to watch. This season of Counting On will also have baby Vuolo’s gender reveal party. Look for Jeremy’s parents to make a few appearances as well.


Leave it to Jessa to come up with something like a thrift store date night. That is exactly what she and her husband, Ben, will be doing with engaged couple Josiah and Lauren, and also Joe and Kendra. They will actually wear whatever is picked out at the thrift store when they go out to dinner. Well, at least they had fun.

While there weren’t any clips of the new courting couple, John David and his new girl Abbie, fans will most likely get a chance to get to know her a little bit during the new season. Counting On will begin on July 30 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.