Social Media Starlet Demi Rose Serves Heavy Metal Teas In A Sheer String Bikini

Demi Rose MawbyInstagram

British model Demi Rose Mawby — known solely as “Demi Rose” to her legions of fans — doesn’t really have a clear direction on who she is, and what she does, but she’s become a bit of a social media sensation.

So much so, in fact, that every time she posts a new picture of herself in a string bikini, she gains more and more followers.

Whether that bump in followers also results in a bump in dollars — or British pounds, as it were — remains to be seen.

However, while the world still tries to decipher what is clearly one of life’s biggest mysteries, The Daily Mail has some exclusive shots of Demi Rose posing in her latest social media sensation: a blue metallic string bikini that only barely covered up her most valuable assets.

The bikini, which also has a thong bottom (which we’re not going to show you here for obvious reasons), received a lot of high praise from her followers, who complimented her “flawless” body and slamming curves.

The model, who is originally from the working class town of Birmingham, also said that she would like to eventually move to Los Angeles because she would like to pursue a career in acting, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for her to act in her hometown.

Known as a bit of a “party girl” on the London scene, Demi Rose first came into the American public zeitgeist when she began dating rapper Tyga, best known for his semi-hit “Rack City,” his impregnation of Blac Chyna, and his subsequent affair with a then-underage Kylie Jenner.


She’s also involved with Taz’s Angels, a group of Miami-based models that have come under fire, in the past, for their questionable business practices and allegations of prostitution.


But Mawby insists that she’s just another small-town girl with big-time dreams. Despite her reputation as a party girl in London, she eventually wants to be cast as a Bond girl in a James Bond film.

She also, recently, shared diet tips with her followers, claiming that she follows a very strict diet, tries to work out when she can (but finds it difficult due to travel), and “doesn’t eat anything bad” because her body puts on weight very easily.

“That means no birthday cake!” she said.

One thing is for certain: regardless of the controversy around her, and the bad boys she likes to date, Demi Rose is someone we’ll be hearing a lot about, and from, very soon.