‘Dance Moms’ Is Officially Returning And Abby Lee Miller Is Recruiting New Dancers For Season 8

Kevin WinterGetty Images

The past year has been an incredibly tumultuous one for Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller. She quit the show in a huff, got sentenced to jail in her fraud case, and was diagnosed with cancer upon emerging from jail. She is still in quite serious condition, but it’s been said she’s returning to Dance Moms and new reports detail that things are moving ahead on this front.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Abby Lee Miller seemingly confirmed rumors about a Season 8 for Dance Moms, the Lifetime series that had seemingly been canceled after Miller’s sentencing. Abby had said there was a rumor about new episodes and that they might be going somewhere cold, and she also recently teased about having gotten some amazing news.

Now Entertainment Tonight reports that they have been able to confirm that Lifetime is bringing Dance Moms back for Season 8 and that Miller will be involved. A post on a site named Dance Moms Casting teases that Abby is going back to her roots, which could be interpreted to mean filming in Pittsburgh perhaps, and she is looking for dedicated moms and dancers who are interested in taking things to the next level.

The casting post notes that dancers must be between the ages of 7 and 12 and families must be available during the weekend of September 8 to do final callbacks in front of Abby. The post also details that they will be looking to fill slots for a new ALDC elite competition team consisting of Minis who are ages 7 to 9 and Juniors who are 10 to 12.

Reports on Miller’s health over the past few months have indicated that the Dance Moms star is in fairly dire condition. Her mobility has been greatly reduced after difficult spinal surgeries and her cancer battle continues. Despite all of that, she seems to be in good spirits in her recent Instagram posts, even looking radiant.

Abby’s latest Instagram post shows her with medium Thomas John, the host of Lifetime’s Seatbelt Psychic. The Dance Moms star teased that she’d be making an appearance on his latest show and Miller was smiling as she wore gold hoop earrings, an ALDC top, and a black headpiece to cover her hair loss.

At this point, it’s not known if any former Dance Moms dancers and mothers will be returning. All of the original and older girls have headed off to other projects, but there has been talk that some of the younger girls may return.

There is no premiere date released as of yet, but it does sound as if it will be a while before the show returns to Lifetime. If final callbacks are in September, many would imagine it’ll be at least early 2019 before Season 8 of Dance Moms is ready to premiere.

While Abby Lee Miller’s current medical challenges may make it difficult to see how she manages a return, it looks like this may be giving her the drive and motivation to push through these challenges and make her grand return. Stay tuned for additional details as Season 8 casting and filming of Dance Moms progresses.