Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Exercising In The Dark To Avoid Confrontations Amid Ongoing Protests

Michel ReynoldsGetty Images

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are wary of public confrontations, reports the Washington Post.

Senior officials of the Trump administration have started to find themselves in increasingly difficult public situations where they are confronted by one or more protesters not pleased with the way the president goes about conducting his business. Such public demonstrations against Trump officials have spiked since the administration enforced the family separation policy at the southern border, which saw more than 2,300 children being separated from their undocumented parents. Despite Trump rolling back the policy in the face of scathing international criticism, the administration has failed to meet the deadline to unite those already separated.

This has led to a huge public backlash, which very often culminates in Trump’s officials facing unexpectedly embarrassing situations. Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was among the first to face the wrath first-hand last month after she was heckled out of a Mexican restaurant by a group of protesters. Soon after, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were asked to leave by the owner of Red Hen restaurant in Virginia on moral grounds. Then, a week ago, a Sidwell Friends teacher interrupted her lunch at Teaism in Penn Quarter to tell Scott Pruitt that he should resign from the Environmental Protection Agency.

A day after a video of the incident went viral on the internet, Scott Pruitt stepped down as EPA chief.

And as the Inquisitr reported, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was heckled three times inside a week for his support of Trump’s immigration policy.

It is little wonder then that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who moved from New York To Washington, D.C. to assist Donald Trump in different capacities since he was elected, are worried that they might be the target of some unforeseen protest soon in the future. As reported by the Post, the couple has been trying to keep an exceptionally low profile in public, lately having started exercising in the dark so that they are not caught in an unexpected situation. Both of them attend spin classes at Flywheel, a studio close to where they live, where the room goes dark to give the pair their privacy.

After one of those sessions recently, Kushner, with a baseball cap pulled down to cover his face, quickly headed to his chauffeur-driven SUV to be whisked away before anyone observed him.

As reported, protesters have gathered on at least two occasions outside the couple’s Kalorama home, but Ivanka and Jared managed to evade them. There has been a simmering criticism of Ivanka for not opposing the child separation policy, which was compounded when news emerged that Donald Trump’s $200 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese imports was not going to affect her clothing line.