Tori & Zach Roloff Make Surprise Announcement, Add To Their ‘Little People, Big World’ Family

Tori RoloffInstagram

There have been some significant developments in the Roloff family of TLC’s Little People, Big World lately, and news just emerged of one more exciting one. Tori and Zach Roloff have been asked many times lately whether they are ready to expand their family and it turns out that they apparently are. However, the expansion isn’t coming the way many anticipated.

Tori Roloff has been the subject of rumors in recent months with Little People, Big World fans wondering if she is pregnant again. Tori and husband Zach recently celebrated their baby boy Jackson’s first birthday, so it wouldn’t be too wild to think they might be ready to add a second child.

However, the LPBW stars have said that they are not expecting another baby at this point, though they do hope to have more children at some point. Fans may have thought that Tori’s latest Instagram post was a baby announcement despite those recent denials, and in a way, it was.

Roloff posted a series of three photos on her Instagram page Wednesday night and the first shot was an open black box with simply “it’s a…” on the front of it. The second photo showed three grey balloons, which may have confused some followers at first if they looked at the photos before noticing the caption Tori wrote. The third shot revealed the big news, in that Tori and Zach have just brought home an adorable puppy.

Murphy is now joining Tori, Zach, and Jackson, and he already has the nickname “Murph Monster” judging by Roloff’s hashtag on the post. Jackson is getting more solid in his walking every day, so it probably won’t take long for Murphy and Jackson to be chasing one another in the yard of the new home the Roloffs recently purchased.

Little People, Big World fans know that adding Murphy to the family is a really big deal. Last year, Zach and Tori had to say goodbye to their beloved Sully, a dog they both adored who became ill with an aggressive form of cancer. Both LPBW stars had shared tributes to their sweet “Inspector Sullivan” via Instagram after saying goodbye to him and fans knew that this was a heartbreaking experience for both of them.

It can be tough to determine the right timing to add a new pet to the family after a tough loss like Sully’s was, and the Roloffs did struggle on this front. Tori had been wanting another dog for a while now, but Zach had been resistant. As soon as the post on Murphy went up, LPBW fans started commenting on how Tori got her way on this front, much to the delight of the family’s followers.

Little People, Big World will be back for another season, TLC recently confirmed, but Audrey, Jeremy, and Ember will not be regulars on the show anymore. Luckily, Tori has confirmed that she, Zach, and Jackson will be sticking around, as they feel they have more of their story to share. By the looks of things, that story will include adorable shots of Murphy the puppy going forward and LPBW fans cannot wait to see more of him.