#WheresMelania: Melania Body Double Rumors Start Up Again After The Trumps Arrive In Brussels

Geert Vanden WijngaertAP Images

After people watched the footage and looked at photos of Melania and her husband Trump exiting Air Force One in Brussels, the old rumor that Melania has a body double has resurfaced. The reason? To some people, Melania just didn’t look like herself, reported Business Insider. This led to a flurry of activity on social media, with tags like #wheresmelania and #fakemelania making the rounds.

Now, the idea of Melania having a body double has been widely dismissed. But considering how much people have speculated about the first lady in the past, this spike in rumors is not completely unexpected. When Melania underwent a planned surgery, there was a ton of speculation about why she was absent for so long afterward, with some wondering if she was OK. But as it turned out, Melania was just recovering and soon resumed her duties as the first lady.

Other photos from the Brussels visit haven’t sparked the same kind of controversy as the photos from the plane. Because, well, Melania looks like Melania.

Unfortunately for the first lady, this is just one more time that people are accusing her of having a body double. According to Yahoo News, rumors of a body double were rampant in October when she visited Puerto Rico.

Also, strangely enough, another rumor surfaced previously that a secret agent looks a lot like Melania, detailed Insider. People started noticing the woman wears heels, which is atypical. The agent appears to be much shorter than Melania, however, and one could argue that they don’t really resemble each other very much.

Vox tried to explain why people love to gossip about a “body double” for Melania, and it came up with some good theories. It’s entertaining, it’s silly, and it kind of goes along with the conspiracy theory that Melania is married to Trump against her will. But all of these statements are just pure rumors, and none of it has been substantiated. It’s just that for Trump-haters, the idea that Melania actually loathes her husband in secret makes sense.

Even Jimmy Fallon had to get in on the “body double” joke last October, and during an opening monologue made fun of the rumors. The “fake” Melania was supposedly standing next to Trump during his speech. Fallon pointed out that during the speech, Donald Trump said, “My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here,” which was a strange thing to say. Fallon asked, “Why would you say that?”