Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Mobbed By Fans On Dublin Tour

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Prince Harry and his wife, former actress Meghan Markle, recently went on their first official trip abroad as a couple. This was a two-day visit. The pair visited the Irish capital, Dublin, and enjoyed a walk around the Trinity College campus. Ireland tourists and students alike gathered around to greet the royal couple. Screams and shouting filled the air around them. With England playing Croatia in the semi-final World Cup match, Prince Harry turned to the crowd, chatting away with the university students about soccer, reports CBSNews.

“Are you all cheering for England?”

One reporter asked Harry if “football was coming home,” to which Harry responded, saying with a grin, “Most definitely,” all laughter and smiles. The question was a reference to England’s chances of winning the World Cup.

Aside from discussing sports, Prince Harry and Meghan were reportedly also in Dublin specifically to visit Trinity College and view The Book of Kells, which is a ninth-century illuminated manuscript of the gospels that is one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures, reports BBC News. Ireland is a country rich in history, especially revolving around their relationships with Britain. The couple also visited Croke Park, the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association. For those who are not certain of the relevance of the headquarters, it is the scene of the Bloody Sunday massacre committed by British troops against civilians in 1920. Prince Harry told journalists on Tuesday that the trip inspired a hope in him to take an opportunity to reflect back on those “difficult passages” between Britain and Ireland.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit Trinity College on the second day of their official two day royal visit to Ireland on July 11, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. Featured image credit: Pool Getty Images

While at Croke Park, Harry and Meghan were joined by the Tanaiste — deputy prime minister — Simon Coveney. More on that story can be found at BBC News. Young people at the park clapped, cheering Harry’s name with much enthusiasm. As far as what the children enjoyed more, the pitch or meeting the royal couple, is perhaps a tough call. Though onlooking media was likely disappointed at Harry not attempting any football or participating briefly in the sport.

Harry and Meghan met with Irish President Michael D. Higgins at his official residence as well, earlier during the week. They also visited the Irish Famine memorial and the Irish Emigration Museum during the abroad trip. The Taoiseach — Irish prime minister — Leo Varadkar also greeted Prince Harry and Meghan at government buildings in Dublin. Varadkar escorted the pair across the courtyard to see the foundation stone which was laid by Edward VII in 1904.