Kate Upton’s Bikini Diet And Workout Secrets Include Lifting Heavy Weights

Kate Upton is a three-time cover girl of the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue thanks to her bombshell bikini body. Upton is a fitness buff who credits an organic diet and weightlifting workouts for her supermodel physique.

While most models focus on cardio exercise to burn calories and torch body fat, Kate joins a growing chorus of bikini beauties who lift weights to stay toned.

“To me, exercise is about working really hard in the gym to be healthy and feel good and confident about my body,” Upton told Shape. “Weight training helps me do that the best. Lifting heavy weights leans you out if you do it the correct way.”

Kate admits she was uncomfortable lifting heavy weights at first, but can now do a 500-pound sled pull.

Was Fat-Shamed Early In Career

When she first tried to become a model years ago, the busty blonde beauty was repeatedly told by skeptical modeling agents that she was too fleshy and curvy to make it in high fashion.

To get thin, Upton often resorted to extremely low-calorie diets and eschewed weightlifting for fear of bulking up. Kate recently started weight training, and said it has slimmed her down and toned her up.

“Once I started focusing on being strong and doing weight training, I became the size that I needed to be for modeling,” she said.

Upton says she exercises to take care of her health, not just look good in a bikini. Like most people, Kate admits there are many times she doesn’t want to go to the gym but she’s always happy she did afterward.

Fitness experts say weightlifting aids weight loss because it boosts post-workout calorie-burning. Studies show that your metabolism can stay raised for up to 38 hours following a weightlifting workout, as the Inquisitr has reported.

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Kate Upton typically follows an organic, low-carb diet that emphasizes high-quality proteins such as chicken and eggs and lots of green vegetables, especially spinach.

“I eat a lot of protein like chicken and tons of greens,” she said. “I eat so much spinach that it’s insane.”

While Kate sticks to a healthy diet most of the time, she doesn’t starve or deprive herself, and always makes sure to enjoy her favorite foods every day.

Upton eats a little chocolate, french fries, or bread every day so she doesn’t feel deprived. She just doesn’t go overboard with her portions.

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In November 2017 Kate married professional baseball player Justin Verlander, a pitcher with the Houston Astros.


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On July 14, Kate Upton announced that she is pregnant and showed off a tiny baby bump.

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