Shannade Clermont Of ‘Bad Girls Club’ Turns Out To Be A Real-Life Bad Girl

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Former reality TV star Shannade Clermont, of Bad Girls Club fame, has turned out to be a real-life bad girl. Not the naughty fun kind of bad girl, the answering questions tossed at her by the attorney general kind of bad girl. Her bio on the reality show stated she was accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, and it appears she was willing to do almost anything to maintain it. The 24-year-old Clermont was picked up by the NYPD after an investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York pointed in her direction. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman disclosed that Clermont was arrested on charges of wire fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

The investigation the Southern District had looking into the overdose death of a man that was found in his apartment at 250 East 53rd St. in Manhattan eventually pointed investigators in the direction of Clermont, who, as NBC reported, was discovered had visited the deceased’s apartment the night before in her capacity as a prostitute. While investigators had little interest in bringing Clermont in for more than questioning regarding her dead John, what they found compelled them to take a closer look at her actions.

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Clermont, it is alleged, had decided to use the deceased’s identity, racking up around $20,000 of fraudulent charges on his debit card as reported by the New York Daily News. She also used his banking information to run up around $10,000 in charges that way as well. Clermont was found to have taken the information for two of his debit cards which she generally used to pay for rent, trips, her phone bill, clothing, and assorted items on shopping sprees. In true bad girl fashion, she also created fake email accounts pretending to be the dead John, in order to have third-party conversations online in an attempt to obtain money via fraudulent wire transfers. She was caught doing this a full two months after her client had been dead.

According to sentencing guidelines, she faces a maximum of 20 years for wire fraud, 15 years for device fraud, and another two years for aggravated identity theft. There is no word on who her legal representation is; her twin sister Shannon, who appeared on Bad Girls Club with her, has not yet commented on the situation. No date has been set for her trial as of yet. Kanye West has yet to weigh in or offer any public support for his former Yeezy model.