Meghan Markle Gets Her Hair Tugged On By A Toddler During Ireland Trip

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Usually back in grade school, if a little boy pulled a girl’s hair, it meant he had a secret crush on her. Well, it looks like Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has a young admirer since the tyke was recently photographed touching the head of the new royal or rather petting her hair, reports Us Weekly. Not one to get too jealous, her husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, did come to her rescue rather quickly, wagging his finger at the incorrigible lad. The young boy’s name is Walter Cullen, and they met the 3-year-old at Croke Park, which is home to Ireland’s largest sporting organization, the Gaelic Athletic Association. They were in the area Wednesday as part of their trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Seeing the newlyweds interact with young Walter was adorable, as pictures show the little toddler in shock when the Prince got playful with him, pretending to chastise the child for his shameless flirtation with his gorgeous bride. Not to be outdone in the interaction-with-children department, Harry allowed Dylan Mahon, 4, to tug on his beard.

“You might have a beard soon — you never know!” he reportedly joked to Dylan. This wasn’t the only bit of adorable Meghan was involved in.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
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While the former Suits star appears to be great with children, she’s also famous for her love of animals. Earlier on Wednesday seemed to belong to the dogs as pictures popped up of Meghan “charming the furry pants off another group of dogs that belong to President Michael Higgins and his wife Sabina, who hosted Prince Harry and Meghan during their royal tour of Dublin, Ireland,” reports PEOPLE. This has been their first official trip since becoming husband and wife. The pets, a pair of Bernese Mountain dogs, reportedly were getting competitive as they fought for the royal pair’s attention, which they bestowed on them lavishly, with a little scratching and patting.

A love for dogs is something the duchess has in common with the Queen, whose love for Corgis has been legendary. In fact, Markle’s dog, Guy, made headlines when he rode in the backseat with the Queen in her car, as previously reported by Inquisitr. Harry shared a little behind-the-scenes story of what happened when Markle first met the Queen’s precious pups.

Prince Harry said that “he had spent the last 33 years being barked at.” He then recalled that when Meghan walked in, there was “absolutely nothing.” Perhaps that was the moment Queen Elizabeth gave her seal of approval.