Kaia Gerber Rocks Tiny Red Bikini While ‘Multi-Tasking’ On The Water And Living Her Best Life

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Teen model Kaia Gerber is definitely making a name for herself. She has already built up quite the following on social media and she is becoming an increasingly familiar face on runways, in advertisements, and on magazine covers. The 16-year-old, who is the spitting image of model mom Cindy Crawford, is embracing all the best that the summer has to offer and it looks like she’s having a blast based on her latest post.

While most of Kaia Gerber’s recent Instagram posts are modeling photos, her latest Instagram Story shows her light-hearted side. In the video clip, Gerber is wakeboarding on the water, wearing a bright-red bikini and a lifejacket, while she rocks out to some music at the same time.

Kaia looked serious in the first moment of the video as she concentrated on the wakeboard. However, she quickly smiled and looked up at whoever was filming as she multi-tasked. The teen managed to maintain her hold over the waves while also hitting some of the beats of the music by nodding her head, raising her hands, and doing a little dance.

It’s hard to tell whose swimwear Kaia is wearing in the short clip, but she certainly wears it well. This isn’t the first time Gerber has donned a red swimsuit or bikini in her Instagram pictures, but she doesn’t necessarily tag the brands like a lot of other celebrities do.


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While Kaia didn’t tag where she was, it looks like she’s with her family embracing the lake life. Her mom Cindy Crawford has been posting some outdoorsy photos over the past week or so, and her 19-year-old brother Presley just shared a photo on Instagram showing him maneuvering the boat, noting that he was “Perma-stoked.”

Dad Rande Gerber has been posting similar pictures and based on the comments across the family’s photos, it sounds as if they’ve been vacationing together in the Muskoka area of Ontario, Canada. Friend and model Ryan Frederick is with the family too, and it looks like the group is enjoying the lake life.

Those who follow this family know that they are very close, even though Kaia is now 16 and Presley is 19. The siblings have a very tight bond with one another, and they both seem quite close with mom Cindy and dad Rande. Some parents might have a tough time convincing their teens to join them over the summer for a family vacation, but it looks like in this case, the Gerber teens are happily onboard with the plans.

Kaia Gerber may be hitting it big in the modeling industry these days, but her Instagram Story shows that she’s still a teen who can let loose and have some fun too.