This Cat Interrupted A Political Interview

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Polish historian, Doctor Jerzy Targalski attempted to give a straightforward political interview with a journalist from the Dutch public television station Nieuwsuur; the subject being a controversial issue of Polish top judge Malgorzata Gersdorf being forced to retire from her office. It has gone viral. Why? His interview did not go as planned. Dr. Targalski’s orange cat decided on the need for a closeup and some cuddle time right in the middle of Dr. Targalski speaking, as cited by the Independent.

The cat climbed Targalski’s arm, where it proceeded to nuzzle his ear throughout the remaining interview. Rather than swat the cat away, Dr. Targalski continued the interview. The doctor asked if such a thing could be tolerated, in reference to the law now pushing Gersdorf to retire, thus being forced from office. Meanwhile, the cat wrapped around his shoulders, looking at the chandelier above. At a certain point, Targalski’s cat swiped its tail right in front of his glasses, completely obscuring his view, with the tip of its tail curling up merrily. Targalski simply held the cat’s tail down and proceeded.

This political scientist earned his doctorate with a thesis titled, “Mechanisms of dismantling communism in Yugoslavia on the example of Slovenia and Serbia (1986-1991).” His opinion was likely a much-desired aspect of the upcoming television segment. Although, due to this interruption, none of the interview footage featuring Targalski’s cat made the final Nieuwsuur segment.

Malgorzata Gersdorf
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Lisio, the feline in question, did make a more brief appearance in the final cut. Seated comfortable in Targalski’s lap, the cat did get his time in the limelight after all. The final cut of that interview aired just last week.

Doctor Targalski is not the first person to have his interview crashed by their house pet, particularly of the tenacious feline persuasion. A black cat belonging to Nils Usakovs, the mayor of Riga, Latvia, decided to make an appearance into an online Q&A session being hosted by the mayor. That cat’s name was Dumka, and the pet was every bit a star as Lisio when it wandered into view for that political interview.

Last year international relations expert and professor Robert Kelly, of Pusan National University political-science, had his own mishap during a BBC appearance, says the Independent. Apparently Kelly’s two children burst into the room during his interview. That video also went viral, the same as Targalski’s camera time. In much the same fashion as Dr. Targalski, Kelly attempted to continue on and was commended by reporters for his diligence.