Carrie Fisher’s Brother Todd Recalls Tense Last Conversation, ‘She Was Still A Little Angry At Me’

Jordan StraussInvision / AP Images

It can’t be easy when your mother and sister are two of the most famous women in Hollywood, but Todd Fisher adored them both — and lost them within a day of each other. Now, he recalls his tense last conversation with older sister and Star Wars icon, Carrie Fisher, who was at the top of her game when she passed away at age 60. She had returned to the role that made her famous, Princess Leia, she was about to have her role on the British comedy Catastrophe expanded in the next season, and she was enjoying her time in London before heading back to Los Angeles for her favorite time of year — the holiday season.

Todd remembered their last conversation, which was at his sister’s extravagant birthday party, thrown by their famous mom, Debbie Fisher, who had a stroke the previous year, reports Fox News. Noticing their mother was a bit frailer than they’d seen her before inspired her two kids to confide in each other.

“She was still a little angry at me because, A, the party I had to sort of force down her throat, but my mom wanted it, and B, there was always different tension between the family of mom, particularly myself, and Carrie, as it related to her drug use at the time.”

They realized that they needed to get past it.

“… But when Carrie and I got face-to-face, there was no way to have any of that. It just melted away, because the blood, the relationship between brother and sister, the bond, is so deep… She broke down and said ‘… We have to be OK with each other. It’s the foundation.'”

Carrie died at the end of 2016, and her mother passed away the next day. Fisher has been determined to keep their memories alive and has written a book entitled, My Girls. The process of writing it was cathartic and helped him deal with the huge loss he felt after losing them so close together.

Fisher spoke of how huge the loss was on his niece, Carrie’s daughter Billie Lourd, who is an accomplished actress in her own right now. He knew he had to work through it and that his mother was the last person who would want anyone to wallow in depression over her loss. He told Fox News of his mother’s closeness to his sister and how it was her mission to take care of Carrie.

“Carrie was a bit more needy than me. I was brought onto this Earth to be Carrie’s companion… Literally, I was brought here so Carrie wouldn’t be alone. My mother went with her in the end, where I could not go, so she would not be alone.”