Ashley D. Update: New Weight-Loss Pictures Show Dramatic Changes After ‘My 600-LB Life’ Appearance


Ashley D. has been on quite the journey since appearing on My 600-LB Life — and has the pictures to prove it.

As one of the heaviest female participants to appear on the TLC docu-series, Ashley had significant hurdles to overcome and hundreds of pounds to lose when she first appeared on the show at more than 720 pounds. But despite a rocky journey, Ashley has been able to find significant weight loss, People noted — and she has the weight-loss pictures to prove it.

Ashley D. will be featured again on a “Where Are They Now?” special, her second update for fans of the show. And as her social media pages show, Ashley Dunn Bratcher has lost hundreds of pounds, even though she says it was a difficult process.

“This whole journey has been not only a physical rollercoaster, it’s been very a much an emotional rollercoaster,” she told People. “I’ve done fairly decent, but yes, I’ve had moments where I’ve broken down. Whoever says weight-loss surgery is the easy way out is crazy because this has really been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

This week’s episode will highlight some of those difficulties, including dealing with the excess skin that has come after she lost hundreds of pounds.

Though much of the weight loss came from the surgery she underwent, Ashley said it took a holistic approach in order to get beyond her food addiction and continue losing weight.

“This surgery is just a tool. It does not change your mindset,” Ashley D. told the magazine. “But what I’ve found that helps me is when I do get that craving, I try to think about that and think about what I’m feeling. If it’s true hunger, then, you know, I’ll eat something. But if I’m feeling angry, happy, sad, I try to revert my mind to something else. I go for a walk. I play with my dogs. I might journal. It’s a learning experience.”

The pictures shared online show that Ashley D. has continued to make progress since first appearing on the show. A weight-loss picture collage she shared in early 2016 showed noticeable differences, though the pictures mostly only showed her face.

Ashley D. seems to have made more progress since then, with more recent Instagram pictures showing more changes to her appearance.

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More pictures of Ashley D.’s weight loss since first appearing on My 600-LB Life can be seen here.