7-Eleven Is Giving Out Free Slurpees Today As Their Awesome Tradition Continues

Larry MaranGetty Images

It’s July 11 which means that 7-Eleven is giving out free slurpees to all of their customers!

Whether you need a little sugar rush or you just like to get free stuff, 7-Eleven has got you covered today. According to Thrillist, customers can stop by any 7-Eleven location between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. to score a free small slurpee. And it’s not limited to any one specific flavor, customers are able to choose whatever kind they want, including their new breakfast-inspired cereal flavor, Cap’n Crunches Crunch Berries. But if that’s not your thing, you can also choose from other popular flavors like wild cherry, blue raspberry, coca-cola, Dr. Pepper, and lemonade just to name a few.

Cheat Sheet shares that the slurpee tradition has been going on since July 11, 2002. And though the convenience store chain has been around for almost a century, it wasn’t until 1966 that 7-Eleven signed a licensing deal with its slushy cousin, ICEE and the slurpee was born. It’s estimated that today, the convenience chain will give out nine million free slurpees throughout their 66,000 locations around the globe.

Raj Kapoor, who is the chain’s senior vice president for fresh food and proprietary beverages, released a statement to all slurpee enthusiasts.

“Free Slurpee day may be the most anticipated day of the year for millions of 7‑Eleven customers and new customers alike. 7‑Eleven Day is a celebration, not only of our birthday, but more importantly, of our customers. I encourage everyone to look around the store, grab an old favorite like a Big Bite hot dog to enjoy with their free Slurpee drink or maybe try something they haven’t. We have lots of delicious new choices in stores.”

The hashtag #7ElevenDay is already trending on Twitter today and fans seem to be really amped up about being able to get a free, icy treat to make their Wednesday even better. Many fans have taken to their accounts to tweet their joy over one of the best traditions of the year. While it may not be Christmas, it sure does come close for some.

“Hi everyone. Today is 7/11… You know what that means? Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven!”

“Yo!! I just finished a whole container of spring mix leaves. This NEVER happens! I mean down to the last leaf! I should reward myself with a slurpee since it’s . ,” another fan tweeted.

Countless other fans shared photos of themselves with a slurpee in hand as they had already taken the time to cash in on the sweet deal.

Time’s running out so hurry and go and grab a free slurpee of your very own!