Demi Moore Was The Victim Of Identity Theft, With $170K In Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

It's a horrible violation when you realize you've been a victim of identity theft and for actress Demi Moore, this particular thief managed to get his hands on her no-limit credit card, wracking up a ginormous bill, reports Radar Online. It was a shopping spree at a few Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the Los Angeles area that sent her charges soaring, totaling almost $170,000 -- and it isn't this thief's first time doing this. The man who stands accused, David Matthew Read, has been convicted of fraud in the past and even served a year and a half in jail. In fact, he had also been picked up by the Glendale Police Department after allegedly buying a Mercedes, courtesy of another victim's information, which helped lead police, in this case, to figure out his identity.

In this particular case, Read is accused of reporting Moore's AmEx card lost or stolen in March. He followed up and learned the new card was at a FedEx facility, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online, and asked them to hold it there until he could come by to pick it up. He then had it for his 25-day shopping spree before Moore's assistant realized something was off and reported the card stolen.

"Read was spotted on surveillance cameras -- at the FedEx and also inside the retail stores -- according to the feds, who say he confessed to the caper when they nabbed him in April," reports TMZ.

It's also being reported that the Secret Service has requested Read's details, "due to the large scale of fraud he has allegedly been involved in." He is currently sitting in an L.A. County jail.

"The federal lawsuit is still ongoing, and has been expanded to include an accomplice, Marc Ian Higley, who was accused of conspiring with Read to commit multiple frauds by stealing people's credit cards between February and April this year," reports Radar Online.

In the meantime, Moore has been a busy actress. She created the role of Claudia on the FOX hit, Empire, where she did seven episodes. She also played General in two episodes of the show Animals and has already finished shooting two films that are in post-production -- Love Sonia where she plays the role of Selma and Corporate Animals with Ed Helms, where she plays Lucy.

TMZ asked for a comment on the credit card theft from Moore's representatives, but they had yet to hear back.