Lady Colin Campbell Defends Controversial New Book About Queen Elizabeth II’s Sex Life

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When Lady Colin Campbell published her book, The Queen’s Marriage, she had to have known that she would receive a backlash, especially since the book goes into extensive detail about Queen Elizabeth II’s sex life.

For those that have an interest in such prurient things, The Daily Mail has a lot of details about the bedroom escapades of the Good Queen. Campbell, who dubs herself a “socialite” and was a former contestant on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, said that Queen Elizabeth II had a “healthy sexual appetite,” while her husband, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is a “huge flirt.”

Furthermore, Campbell — who was married to Lord Colin Campbell, the Duke of Argyll, for 14 months — says that while there’s nothing “unusual” about the Queen’s sex life, it’s something that only people in “certain circles” — presumably, royal ones — knew until her book was published.

Because the marriage is a “state marriage,” there isn’t much that’s too untoward between the Queen and the Duke.

When it came out, though, the book was slammed as “tawdry” and “sensational,” a claim which Campbell took great exception to.

Making clear that there were no “falsehoods” in her book, Campbell said that she only knows what happened on Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding night because the Duke of Edinburgh told his cousin, Lord David Milford Haven, who subsequently told Campbell.

Lady Colin Campbell snapped off, too, at people who claim that knowing about Queen Elizabeth II’s sex life is “inappropriate” because it’s a “state marriage,” and thus, it’s a matter of “public interest.”

Campbell went on to trash the hit Netflix show, The Crown, for spreading falsehoods about the royal marriage. She said that even though the show is award-winning, it tells lies about their relationship. She, instead, “tells the truth” about their “happy and solid marriage,” and takes exception to people who trash her for telling the truth but not trash those who lie about the British royal family.

Bragging about her “penetrating” insights, Campbell said that the people who spoke to her “had no idea” that what they were saying would, one day, be a part of her tell-all book.

But former royal butler Paul Burrell dragged Lady Colin Campbell for filth, saying that one can only be a “true, reliable witness to history” if they were there, and she, as a point, in fact, wasn’t there.

What’s more, Burrell said that Queen Elizabeth II is a “good Christian woman” who needn’t be “defiled” by the book and that she’s “earned our respect” and shouldn’t have a book about her sex life written about her.