Bella Thorne Wows Instagram Fans With Topless Photo

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Bella Thorne is no stranger to pushing the envelope when it comes to posting racy photos on her Instagram account.

A few weeks ago, the Inquisitr reported that the 20-year-old shared yet another photo of herself at the beach in Hawaii. Previously, she had shared a few bikini photos with fans. But in this sexy snapshot, the actress could be seen rocking a green bikini, nose ring, and an array of necklaces around her neck. She laid in the sand as the water splashed her back while her incredibly toned figure was fully on display for the world to see.

“When you try and act sexy but it’s kind of super difficult and uncomfortable,” she captioned the photo.

And Thorne shows even more skin in her latest image. In the photo that was posted to her account last night, the actress appears topless as she stands in an area where there appear to be a ton of trees. Thorne turns to the side and covers her breast with her arm as she looks over her shoulder. It looks like Bella is makeup-free in the image as she wears her hair down and wavy.

In the image, you can see the words “I love you” written in different colors just under her shoulder. Within just a few hours of the post going live, it has already received a ton of attention with over 1.2 million likes in addition to nearly 11,000 comments. Many fans commented on the photo to gush over how amazing Thorne looks while countless other followers couldn’t help but comment on her beautiful body.

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I love you

A post shared by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

“I totally love you..forever.”

“You are just the baddest I swear,” another commented.

“Been my fav, since shake it up. Forever wishing to be as wild and free as you,” one more wrote.

Recently, Bella sat down for an interview and confessed that it isn’t always easy to try and live up to the pressure of maintaining a perfect image. According to ABC News, Thorne is finally being honest about who she is and using her social media page as a platform to discuss her issues.

“I feel like so many people would end up in healthier places if they felt like they actually had someone that’s going to sit there and just listen to them. And it’s not fair that they don’t have help. … Which is why I use my social media to talk about being dyslexic, to talk about, you know, other things from the past, to talk about basically anything. Any time you’re creating debate, I think, is the best way to start any revolution.”

And you’ve got to admire her for that!