Who Cat: Feline In Superdome During New Orleans Saints Win Over Atlanta Falcons Goes Viral

On Thursday Night Football, there was a huge game that saw the New Orleans Saints pick up a gigantic, and possibly season-saving victory, over the Atlanta Falcons. Lots of talk is going on as the Falcons were knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten and the Saints looked like their old selves. Online though, the viral talk from the game was about a live cat in the Superdome stands, sitting in a Vera Bradley bag.

Yes, a cat in a Vera Bradley bag in the Superdome, and the feline has been nicknamed "Who Cat."

For some reason, the cat was in the upper stands of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Thursday evening as the Saints defeated the Falcons 31-21 in a big upset. Once a picture of the cat found its way online, people started freaking out on Twitter.

who cat saints falcons superdome
[Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images]As The Advocate stated, a reporter for New Orleans Public Radio actually found out where the cat was in Section 624 and hightailed it up there to see it, but "Who Cat" had already left.This was not just any other regular house cat, though. Sources were not entirely sure why the cat was at the game (service cat), but the animal did have the spirit of the team its owner was watching. Who Cat was a black and gold animal and on the lap of someone wearing a New Orleans Saints' shirt.

NOLA reported that the actual name of the cat was never revealed, but they're all for calling it "Who Cat" and getting #WhoCat trending on social media.

Some people on Twitter were confused to the whole idea of a service cat.Then, there were those who threw around jokes like "the cat is out of the bag" and other such classics. Some made sure to point out that there wasn't just a cat in the Superdome watching the Saints play the Falcons, but that the animal was traveling in rather pricey style.With the Saints picking up a highly unexpected victory as recapped by ESPN, they may have just saved their season. At 2-4, there's still a long road to take and a lot of season left, but it was an impressive win that made them look like the Saints of old.

who cat saints falcons
[Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images]Michael Mauti, playing for the New Orleans Saints as his father did, blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown. Steve Gleason sat on the sideline and smiled when that happened. Throughout the game, Benjamin Watson had a career night while Drew Brees found his old rhythm.

The Saints' defense even turned it up by forcing five fumbles, recovering three, and sacking Matt Ryan five times. Was there a different type of mojo in the Superdome though?

As superstitious as football fans are though, many are now trying to find out more info about Who Cat. With the big win, they'd truly love to know more about the feline and the owner and see exactly why they were there and how they disappeared so quickly. Also, they want to make sure the Saints win again so the cat needs to be at every game.

Who Cat, are you out there? The Who Dat Nation of New Orleans Saints fans are in a frenzy after the team defeated the Atlanta Falcons, and the Superdome needs a little furry touch so #WhoCat needs to be found and return for the next contest.

[Photo by Julie Couret/Twitter]