Internet Commenter Sued By ‘Real Housewives’ Star After Making False Claims

Internet trolls could soon find themselves on the wrong side of a libel lawsuit if Real Housewivesof Miami star Lisa Hochstein wins her battle against a random internet commenter.

Hochstein has filed a lawsuit against Jessica Lederman, a random internet commenter who claims the Real Housewives star has sex for money. According to Hochstein, the comments caused her “severe emotional distress” after they were posted on a popular entertainment website.

In her comments, Jessica wrote:

“Lisa was an escort who also did soft porn in Vegas.”

Hochstein says those comments are 100 percent false. The new Real Housewives star says Jessica posted the comments only to threaten her employment and social life.

The lawsuit asks that Jessica Lederman pay Lisa Hochstein $15,000 for damages caused by the comments.

While she made the original comments, Lederman has not come forward with any proof of Hochstein’s former jobs in pornography or adult escorting.

Internet comments that contain absolutely no truths are nothing new; however, internet trolls are usually just mocked for their beliefs before they move onto their next target.

The Real Housewives of Miami stars are no strangers to personal controversy, but usually they are the ones on the wrong side of the law.

Do you think internet trolls deserve to be sued for their false, often hateful comments against other people, or should we just ignore their annoying shenanigans?