July 11, 2018
First Pictures Released Of Thailand Soccer Team In Hospital After Rescue From Cave

The rescue of 12 boys and their coach from a cave in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand captivated the world, and now the first pictures of the soccer team recovering in the hospital have been released, reports BBC News. In the image, taken from video, you can see three of the 12 boys in good spirits, wearing hospital masks, with one of the boys flashing the victory or peace sign. In addition to the images, the Thai Navy SEALS released a video from the rescue, giving new details about how they were all miraculously saved thanks to the teamwork of local and international help.

One of the new things revealed to BBC News was that the boys were sedated prior to the rescue so that they wouldn't panic while traveling through the dark, narrow passages. Not only that, the boys were each strapped to one of two divers in charge of getting them through the twists and turns of the underwater pathway. They were also "bundled into stretchers" to help with getting them through the parts of the passageway above water. The Thai prime minister denied charges of sedation, saying they were only given light anti-anxiety medication but sources confirmed to BBC News that the boys were only "partially conscious as they were brought out."

The boys and their coach are currently in a hospital in Chiang Rai city. They are getting the medical and psychological assistance that they need and are reportedly recovering well. They did lose weight during their nine days trapped in the cave and are expected to stay in the hospital for a week, followed by a week of recuperation at home.Not surprisingly, Hollywood is already jumping on this, wanting to pay tribute to the incredible rescue. In fact, a production crew arrived on the scene on the third day of the mission, as previously reported by Inquisitr. They wanted to interview the Thai Navy SEALS, the soccer players, coach, families as well as other foreign rescuers.
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