Emily Ratajkowski Makes The Case For Wearing Bikinis Around The House With Steamy Photos

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Emily Ratajkowski has discovered yet another place to wear her beloved bikinis. The 27-year-old model’s life seems to be a never-ending swimsuit photo shoot, as evidenced by her Instagram page. Her followers don’t seem to mind, but when you’re posing for bikini photos almost daily, you still want to mix things up a little so that all of your pictures don’t look exactly alike.

Luckily for Emily, her modeling experience has seemingly helped her become an expert at finding new and interesting ways to show off her bikinis. She turned her beach body into a successful business by creating her own line of bikinis and one-pieces, Inamorata Swim, and she’s discovered that her Instagram page is the perfect place to promote her barely-there swimwear. In her two most recent photos, the “Blurred Lines” beauty showed her 18.4 million followers that bikinis aren’t just for the beach; they’re also the perfect garment to lounge around in when you’re just hanging out around the house.

On Tuesday, Emily Ratajkowski slipped on a black pair of her beloved Inamorata Neptune bottoms and a matching off-the-shoulder Vulcan top for an indoors photo shoot. She got down on her knees on a shaggy patterned white rug, and she posed with her hands placed on the seat of a black leather chair, turning her head to the side to give the camera a sultry look. The photo was taken inside a residence of some sort, and Ratajkowski’s fans clearly love seeing her wearing a bikini indoors; it has already received over 883,000 likes in Instagram.

Neptune ✨

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For a second picture that was taken at the same location, Ratajkowski struck another seductive pose while wearing a black bikini. However, she traded her puffy Vulcan top, which slightly resembles a shrunken peasant blouse, for something a bit stringier — possibly an Orpheus or Neptune top from her swimsuit line.

In the black and white image that has earned Emily over 628,000 likes, she’s stretched out on a white couch. The Gone Girl star is laying on her stomach with one of her long legs extended out behind her and the other slightly bent. One arm is also stretched out in front of the brunette stunner, and she has her head resting on it. Popsugar recently suggested that some of Emily’s two-piece swimsuits look a lot like lingerie, and her artistic snapshot is certainly helping the outlet make its case.

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Ratajkowski hasn’t just tried to expand women’s options when it comes to acceptable places to wear bikinis by rocking them indoors. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she’s also taken her swimwear to the street by wearing one of her polka dot Vulcan tops as a blouse.

So will other women kiss their sweats goodbye and spend their weekends lounging around the house in string bikinis? Maybe not, but at least Emily Ratajkowski is letting them know that this is an option.