‘Big Brother’s’ Kaitlyn Herman Says She Deserves A ‘Daytime Emmy’ For Her Primetime Lies On CBS Reality Show

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother Season 20’s Kaitlyn Herman is all about energies, crystals, and manifesting, but she’s not above a backstab here and there. During the most recent episode of the CBS reality show, the 24-year-old Encino life coach praised her own shady moves as Head of Household, which included multiple poker-faced lies to several of the other houseguests, including her bold-faced fib to her backdoor target Swaggy C about her nominations this week.

In a Diary Room interview, Herman said, “I deserve a Daytime Emmy. I deserve it.”

Unfortunately for Herman, Big Brother airs in primetime, so it would be a Primetime Emmy Award if anything. And in the 18 years the show has been on the air, Big Brother has been passed over by Emmy voters every time, but that’s another story.

According to Gold Derby, Herman has been boasting about her prowess as a liar on the Big Brother live feeds. Subscribers to the CBS 24/7 feeds have heard her say things like, “I can’t tell you the last time I lied to someone’s face like this. I honestly feel this is on the verge of psychopath.”

In another classic Kaitlyn moment, she was seen in the HOH room, saying, “What the f— am I doing? I’m a shady a—b*tch. It’s kind of fun. I kind of feel like I’m playing like a character that I’ve never played.”

Of course, her flip vote last week could come back to haunt her because no good deed (or lie) goes unpunished in the Big Brother game.

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Kaitlyn Herman could also face some fire when she exits the Big Brother house, with or without the show’s $500,000 grand prize, which she has already claimed she has manifested. Herman was caught on the feed saying the N-word, albeit it was in the context of quoting lyrics to the Drake song “0-100.”

TMZ posted a video of the incident, which showed Kaitlyn talking about her HOH plans with fellow contestants Tyler Crispin and Scottie Salton before dropping the Drake line “I did go zero to 100, n—a, real quick.” The Big Brother star realized her mistake and quickly said “oops,” then continued to recite the lyrics to the song in an attempt to show that she was just repeating the song’s words, but it didn’t stop the backlash from coming in full force.

Evicted Big Brother houseguest Steve Arentia told Us Weekly he was shocked to hear about Kaitlyn’s offensive slip-up.

“That’s shocking to me because that was never done in my presence,” the posted Big Brother houseguest told Us. “I’m telling you right now it’s the first time I’m hearing of this and I’m absolutely kind of floored by it.”

So maybe Kaitlyn Herman does deserve a Daytime Emmy.

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