Roseanne Barr Planning Her Own Sitcom After Being Offered A ‘Very Fat Contract,’ ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Disgraced comedian and TV personality Roseanne Barr is planning her own sitcom after she was reportedly offered a mega offer from a network, according to Radar Online.

Rumors about a Barr comeback have been rife ever since she was kicked out of her own eponymous show, Roseanne, after the Jewish actor and comedian tweeted a racist comment about former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. But while ABC, which produced Roseanne, went ahead and announced a spinoff without Barr called The Conners, nothing has so far materialized for Roseanne herself.

But all that might change with Radar Online reporting that Barr has a mega offer on her table. The comedian has boasted about having received several offers from different networks since she was fired, saying that one particular network has made her a wonderful offer. It is not clear if the offer which is being reported now is the same one that Barr talked about, but sources told the publication that the offer stands for a sitcom on a competing network.

A TV industry insider reportedly claimed that as much as $37 million is on the table if Roseanne signs the contract, with the payments set to rise further with international syndication rights.

“One network has already offered her a very fat contract,” the insider told Radar.

“The money that’s being thrown around is as much as $37 million, and many millions more in international syndication residual payments!”

Another industry expert claimed that Roseanne’s show will likely be bigger than The Conners, at least in terms of the money that she will make, because she will possess complete ownership rights well as international syndication rights. If it turns out to be true, the purported Roseanne comeback would be similar to the success Mel Gibson enjoyed after a venomous anti-Semite rant at a traffic stop back in 2006.

A source confirmed as much to the publication, saying that the network which has offered Barr the deal is ready to face some criticism because the TV executives know a sitcom featuring Roseanne is going to drive the public to them in huge numbers.

“They’re willing to take the criticism if it means big ratings,” the source told Radar.

But there will be some restrictions. Barr will reportedly be offered only one chance, and the contract reportedly contains a clause which stops her from any social media presence. A “sensitivity training” will also have to be undertaken by Barr before she embarks on the new show, the source said.