Mitch McConnell Heckled Again As Protesters Blare Out ‘Fight The Power’

Alex WongGetty Images

The Senate Majority leader was once again the target of protesters as he was forced out of the Italian restaurant Sarino in Schnitzelburg after a group of protesters blared out Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” to protest his support of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, according to Courier-Journal.

It is the second time in a week that Louisville protesters have disrupted his meal after McConnell and Jonathan Shell, Kentucky’s outgoing House majority floor leader, were confronted while leaving Bristol Bar and Grille on Saturday, as reported by the Inquisitr. Last Monday, McConnell and his wife, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, had faced the wrath of protesters while leaving a dinner at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

The confrontation at Sarino was planned in advance by a group called Occupy ICE. The nearby Four Pegs was hosting a trivia night when protesters started gathering outside at Goss Avenue. The trivia night host then announced that Mitch McConnell was dining at Sarino, which is when more people joined the protesters, and together they blared out the famous anti-establishment song.

Nick Hulstine, a bartender at Four Pegs, said that the employees of Sarino were not impressed with the protests, with many of them coming out to yell at the protesters and asking them to leave so Mitch McConnell could eat in peace.

“All the chefs came out and they were yelling at the protesters. You could see McConnell’s unmarked vehicles and bodyguards in the parking lot.”

It is becoming increasingly common for Mitch McConnell and Trump’s administration officials to be confronted by a group of protesters in public. As reported, McConnell has already been heckled thrice, while Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was forced out of a Mexican restaurant in the nation’s capital last month. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was also asked by the owner of a restaurant, where she was dining with family members, to leave the premises in Lexington, Virginia.

Ben Norton, one of Sarino’s regular customers, said it was nice to see people joining protests spontaneously.

“It was nice to see people giving their elected leaders (crap) when they aren’t doing their best,” he said.

Many of the protesters even tried entering Sarino, at which point McConnell’s security detail made him leave through the back door of the restaurant.

Jesus Ibañez, a member of the group Occupy ICE that protested at Sarino, confirmed that they blared out Public Enemy’s song.

“They did it to hold McConnell accountable,” he said. “One person had a megaphone… and then management kicked them out.”