Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Toned Body In Workout Gear, Reveals Her Fitness & Diet Secrets

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Carrie Underwood is showing off her seriously toned body in her skin-tight workout gear – and revealing the exercises and diet secrets that got her body looking better than ever. The country superstar recently dished on how she keeps her incredible body in shape in a new interview with, opening up about the exercises she loves the most and her pretty strict vegetarian diet.

Underwood revealed how she gets her incredibly toned legs and arms during a new interview with the site, where she admitted that she likes to focus on strength training that targets all her muscles when she hits the gym.

“I typically focus on strength training with cardio where I can work my entire body,” the mom of one said, adding that she loves “toning my arms and legs with a variety of squats, lunges, pull-ups and planks.”

Adding that she usually focuses on “strength training with cardio where I can work my entire body,” Carrie said during the interview that exercise for her is about more than just the physical effects on her body and also helps her to keep a clear head and to be the best possible mom that she can be for her 3-year-old son with husband Mike Fisher, Isaiah.

“Being active and holding myself accountable helps me work towards being my best self,” Carrie continued to the site of how it affects more than just her muscles.

“I want to make sure I’m always taking care of my body, because at the end of the day, that’s what keeps my mind healthy and makes me the best mom I can be for my son.”

But while exercise may be a big part of how she manages to stay so toned, Carrie also told the site that she’s pretty strict when it comes to what she eats as part of her vegetarian diet as she admitted that she’s a “regimented eater” who keeps food diaries to monitor what she’s putting into her body.

“I’ve kept food journals for many years now, and it’s so helpful when I’m traveling and eating at restaurants — I can quickly look up nutrition info, which is so great,” Underwood said of her relationship with food.

“I definitely feel so much better when I’m paying attention and tracking what I’m eating,” she then added of knowing exactly what she’s putting into her body.

Carrie Underwood shares how she gets her body in shape via diet and exercise
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But while she stays away from dairy and always tries to eat healthy, whether she’s on the road or at home, Underwood admitted that she still knows how to treat herself when the time is right. She told the outlet during the interview that she “lives in the moment” when out with friends and she wants to cheat on her strict diet and have a glass of wine or some pasta.

She explained, “I always try to eat healthy, but you know, I’m going to enjoy myself, too. I work hard, so I know that I can cut myself some slack especially when it comes to carbs.”

Carrie’s big diet and exercise secrets came amid a new photo being released from a shoot for her popular athleisure line Calia by Carrie Underwood, which showed off her incredibly toned body in her fun workout gear as she did a plank.

The athleisure line’s official Twitter page unveiled a brand new snap of Underwood showing off all her hard work on her body on the social media site on July 10 as she sported skin-tight pink and purple patterned workout leggings and a body-con blue top, which are both from her line available at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores across the U.S.

The account also shared an inspiring fitness message alongside the new snap of the “Cry Pretty” singer working out, tweeting, “It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday. #StayThePath.”

As Inquisitr previously reported this month, Carrie’s not afraid to show off her hard work in the gym when she hits the stage.

Her legs stole the show during a recent Fourth of July concert in New York City where she stunned in a black sparkly jumpsuit, shortly after Inquisitr reported that social media couldn’t stop gushing over her tanned and toned legs at the 2018 CMT Awards in June.