Iggy Azalea Says She Knew Demi Lovato Had Relapsed Before ‘Sober’ Was Released

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During an interview with ET, Iggy Azalea revealed that she had knowledge of Demi Lovato’s relapse long before everyone else did, and said she had many worries about it, not just for Demi’s well-being but also about how the media might warp the story should it leak.

“I had known about it, as a close friend… So I had really wanted for her to be the one to tell people that. And I worried a lot, as her friend, that something was going to leak or somebody would somehow take that and use it negatively against her, or to make her seem like she’s got a secret.”

So it probably came as a huge relief for Iggy when she heard “Sober” along with the rest of the world. Because although she’d known about the relapse, she didn’t know that Demi was recording the confession song. Iggy elaborated,

“It’s not my business to say to my friend, ‘You need to fess up,'” she continued. “But as a friend, you worry and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, my friend, she has this thing that people can use against her and I really want her to own it.’ And she did!”

Iggy says she’ll be opening for Lovato at the California Mid-State Fair on July 22.

The song “Sober” was released by Demi in June, and the lyrics are brutally honest and speak about her relapse. She apologizes to her parents, alludes to her friends, and even to her fans, saying, “And I’m sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again / I wanna be a role model, but I’m only human”.

The song goes on to say that she’s sorry that she’s not sober, but that she will get help.

Demi also reportedly fired her long-time manager, Phil McIntyre, around the time she relapsed, according to PopCrush.


For Lovato, it appears that being straightforward and honest about her struggles is incredibly important to her, as this relapse comes after six years of sobriety, reported Radar Online. So in addition to the song dedicated to her confession, Demi is also reported to be looking for the right outlet with whom to have a tell-all interview about her struggles.


Demi’s past problems have included drinking too much alcohol, doing cocaine, suffering from eating disorders, and engaging in self harm. She’s attended treatment centers for bipolar disorder and her addiction problems, at one point living in a sober living facility for a whole year, detailed People.

For fans, the most important thing is that Demi finds help and peace throughout the process. Many are sending her messages of hope and prayer on social media.