WWE News: James Storm Shoots On Impact Wrestling, Says He Is Built For The WWE Schedule


After a couple of brief appearances in NXT in 2015, James Storm decided not to sign with the WWE at the time because, as Wrestling Inc. documented, he had to be at home a lot more than usual because of a family situation. Storm and his wife were planning on having a child, and his wife needed shots and regular care, so he decided not to sign with the WWE because of their busy schedule. James Storm then went back to Impact Wrestling for a brief run, and in a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, the indie wrestler said that he’ll soon be ready for the WWE if they were to open up the door.

In regard to his last Impact Wrestling run, as seen in the footage below, James Storm didn’t hold back.

“It just seemed creative didn’t know what to do with me which is, to me, stupid…All you gotta do is give me a microphone, show me the ring, hit my music, and I’ll go out and entertain the people. It’s not hard. It’s not rocket science.”

He added that he hates to say that he was going through the motions, but because of a lack of creative, it felt like he was. Since his last run with Impact Wrestling, James Storm has been working the indies but is ready if the WWE were to call him up. He then explained to Inside the Ropes that he is built for the WWE schedule.

“I like to be considered a road warrior. I don’t care about how many days I’m on the road…I just love to wrestle. That is why I got into wrestling, is to wrestle.”


On June 4, Scott Fisherman of The Miami Herald tweeted to bring back Beer Money in the WWE, and James Storm replied.


With losing most of his contests and a lack of a program on Raw, many fans feel that former Beer Money member Bobby Roode is largely being wasted in the WWE. A reunion of this popular tag team would be welcomed by fans, but Storm thinks they are better in a feud with one another rather than working together as a tag team. He commented how they had a brutal feud in the past, and how they could help the current WWE product.

“I think that’s one thing WWE is missing too, is these physical feuds with guys who are not afraid to beat people up. Like, me and Bobby weren’t afraid to beat each other up because that’s what we grew up on.”

Storm added that they grew up watching the likes of Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody, who would go out there and test each other’s manhood on one another.

Warning: The video below contains some strong language.

The former TNA world heavyweight champion was then asked who he could see himself working a program with in the WWE. He said that he could work with anyone, but he wouldn’t mind working with Randy Orton because they have similar styles, and that they don’t have to do a lot in a match to get a match over. Storm also remarked that he would love to work with Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, and AJ Styles again. In closing, James added that he would also like to work with Bray Wyatt and former WWE champion Kevin Owens.