What To Expect From ‘Southern Charm’s’ Season 5 Finale ‘Ho Ho Ho’

Rodolfo MartinezBravo TV

What would top perhaps the wildest season yet of Southern Charm? Well, that would be the craziest Southern Charm finale ever. The final episode of the season is usually an event, and this year is no different, as the whole group is invited to Patricia Altschul’s winter ball, which will have the men in tails and the women in long gowns. No cocktail length attire allowed for those of you playing at home.

Bravo shared some clues as to what would happen at the beginning of the season, and as a teaser video which showed that the rumor that’s been making the rounds has gotten legs by the time that the gang all shows up at Patricia’s party at Charleston’s Hibernian Hall. And everyone seems to have followed the rules, and that includes Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, who is dressed like Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman in a similar red dress with long white gloves.

Fans will recall that Thomas’ plus-one said she felt like Pretty Woman when she went shopping with Patricia at Gwynn’s earlier in the season, and she’s obviously decided to stick with that narrative. But while we know that she will stand in the street at the end of the event screaming “egg donor” at Kathryn Dennis, it’s only been teased that a rumor spreads through the party that she is really a high-end escort.

Fans of Southern Charm have felt this coming on as the season progressed after Ravenel’s girlfriend propositioned Shep on camera, and then Craig and J.D. tell Thomas a similar story, but it’s not until the finale that we find out that she also hit on Austen (and later on Whitney, and a friend of Whitney’s to whom her phone number was reportedly slipped).

By the time everyone arrives at the ball, it seems that Ravenel’s girlfriend has ostracized everyone by Jennifer Snowden (the blonde who played Kathryn’s friend on Season 3), who obviously didn’t get the memo about the unfortunate events at Hilton Head.

Romper says that fans now realize that at the Winter Ball, Patricia and Kathryn bury the hatchet, and this does not infer any kind of violence as the two ladies now exchange social media messages and have been seen chatting at a table at Hall’s Chophouse with a mutual friend.

But as fans were shown early in the season, there will be a confrontation, or, as we know now, confrontations, and at least one will involve Kathryn, and the other is with Austen Kroll and Ravenel’s girlfriend, a home healthcare worker, after Kroll tells Ravenel that he heard the escort story. Word is that Thomas’ self-described “Cali Girl” has a nasty retort for Kroll about his family.

All we know at this point is that Ravenel’s girlfriend is still convinced that Kathryn secretly wants to be her, and at some point during the evening, Thomas’ plus-one threatens Dennis after finding out that the former politician has been texting his ex regularly.

The Southern Charm Season 5 finale airs at 9 p.m. EDT on Thursday night on Bravo.