Irina Shayk Bares It All In Racy Instagram Pic With Only Seashells To Cover Herself

Lounging on a sandy beach, Irina Shayk did the most amazing impersonation of "The Little Mermaid." She used only a pair of sea shells for a bikini top, reports Hollywood Life. Bradley Cooper has the honor of calling this gorgeous Russian model his bae. She is 32 years old and absolutely stunning. Irina is especially goddess-like in the photograph shared on her Instagram today, working those shells and a brightly colored bikini bottom. The shot is in black and white; so as to what shade her bottoms were is anyone's guess.

Fans saw the model get wet and wild on the beach, soaking up the sun with her makeshift, improvised top. While perhaps not especially comfortable, the look was clever and striking. Fortunately the image did not violate Instagram's terms of service as far as nudity is concerned, since her nipples are covered. Indeed, it seems that topless is Irina's default setting lately. She went patriotically topless for the 2018 FIFA World Cup alongside Natalia Vodianova and Natasha Poly. Each wore only a scarf that strategically covered their chests.

Irina's apparent body confidence is amazingly sexy. She exudes it at every occasion the public has been made aware of. The model has tempted fate with wardrobe malfunctions on numerous occasions because of her attire. Her gown at the Sorry Angel premiere was that of Atelier Versace, red in color, and held together by simple chains. That outfit was sultry and jaw-dropping at the premiere.

First appearing in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition over a decade ago, Irina has carved a name out for herself as a modeling starlet. In this recent image of lovely Irina in the sands, fans are sure to marvel at how serene she appears with her eyes closed while holding the seashells in place, smiling ever so slightly. She is also rocking a gold- or silver-looking choker that sparkles nearly as much as Irina's confidence and striking features. Laying in the water, her shoulders not even fully submerged, this Russian brunette seeks to take fans' breath away.

Shayk now joins several other celebrities who have either sunbathed or at least posed topless at the beaches. Others who have done the same include Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, Rita Ora, and several more. For more information and a look at stars who have given up on their tops, Hollywood Life has the scoop. It certainly seems that these breathtaking stars loving baring it all in the hot summer sunshine.