Bat Disrupts Providence-Marquette Game, Starts Twitter Account [Video]

A bat interrupted Saturday’s Providence-Marquette basketball game, turning thousands in attendance into squealing 12-year-old girls throughout the second half.

MSN reports that the star of the Providence-Marquette basketball game Saturday was the “Marquette Bat,” a leathery intruder that invaded the BMO Harris Bradley Center during the game’s second half. The bat brought the game to a full halt, with Providence coach Ed Cooley taking cover, while players on both teams threw their towels into the air to stop the flying menace.

“I think everyone was scared the bat was going to bite them,” Marquette point guard Junior Cadougan said. “At one point we got so mad that everybody was throwing towels at the bat. We were all scared, even the refs were scared.”

The game was delayed four timestotal by the Marquette Bat, which dive-bombed at players, refs, and fans, reports Fox Sports.

Aside from the Marquette Bat, the crowd were the real stars of the Providence-Marquette game. Maybe the guy running the Bradley Center sound system, too. Playing along with the unexpected intrusion, the DJ played Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” the Batman theme, and Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” during the frequent interruptions.

You can hear laughter from the crowd, and many in attendance lifted their cell phones and swayed them like lighters.

Eventually, the Marquette Bat disappeared when the arena lights and scoreboard were turned off. He presumably fled to start his own Twitter account.

Here’s video of the Marquette Bat at the Providence-Marquette game: