'The Challenge: Final Reckoning' Spoilers: Season 32 Finalists, Winners Revealed As $1 Million Battle Begins

Season 32 of MTV's The Challenge series debuts Tuesday night and this one is said to be a doozy. Final Reckoning is the end of a trilogy that started with Dirty 30 and moved on to Vendettas before bringing it all to a head with this new battle. There is a $1 million on the line and adversaries will need to work together to have a shot at the big money. The Challenge spoilers about the finalists and supposed winners have emerged, and it looks like this will be one intense competition.

CT Tamburello is one of the big veterans back for Final Reckoning, but he told People that this was a particularly difficult competition. He was paired with Veronica Portillo, but that wasn't the part that made Season 32 especially challenging. In fact, he said the partnership was interesting and that they almost became like the mom and dad of the group. That said, Tamburello admits this was the hardest Challenge he's endured.

"I can honestly say I didn't know how to play this game because I've never been in a position like I was in this one. There were so many twists and turns that I couldn't even formulate a game plan because it was constantly changing. It was like they took the last two Challenges and then decided to throw them in the mix without telling anybody. From the eliminations to the voting process to the team situation, it was a tough one."
According to the Challenge spoilers from Vevmo, the final four teams include Joss Mooney and Sylvia Elsrode, Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield, Natalie Negrotti and Paulie Calafiore of Big Brother, and Marie Roda and Cara Maria Sorbello. The elimination order before the finale isn't known for certain, but a few goodies have emerged.

Apparently, Devin Walker was originally paired with Johnny Bananas, but a family emergency caused him to quit before things had really gotten going. Tony Raines is brought in to compete with Johnny, but spoilers reveal that Devin will still make an appearance.

The Challenge spoilers indicate that Melissa Reeves and Kailah Casillas will be disqualified and ousted early on, and Devin will return as a "mercenary" and seemingly work with Cory Wharton to earn a spot in the competition. Unfortunately, at some point, they also end up disqualified. Viewers will see twists that involve the mercenaries along with a "Redemption House" and a double-cross twist of some sort.

Of the final four teams, who falters and who wins? The Challenge spoilers detail that Marie and Cara Maria take fourth place, with Natalie and Paulie taking third. Joss and Sylvia reportedly finish second, which means that Ashley and Hunter scored the win. It seems that this will be another challenge where the winning team needs to decide whether to split the money with one another or not, and Ashley reportedly steals all the money, seemingly leaving Hunter with nothing.

Given the big jackpot at the end of the battle, there is no doubt that things will get intense and brutal in Season 32. The Challenge: Final Reckoning kicks into gear on MTV on Tuesday, July 10, and spoilers hint that this one will be too good to miss.