Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Baena Is All Grown Up At 20

When it was revealed back in 2011 that Arnold Schwarzenegger had been conducting an affair with his long-time housekeeper Mildred Baena while married to high-profile journalist Maria Shriver, the news made headlines across the world. Their union produced a son, Joseph Baena, who is looking all grown up at the age of 20 and doing very well for himself by all reports coming from the Daily Mail.

Stepping out in style on the streets of Venice, California, Baena and his lovely girlfriend Savannah Wix took in some sights and pumped some iron, paying homage to his father, the man who made Mr. Olympia a whopping seven times. Both were dressed for the gym, with Baena sporting a burgundy and black athletic T-shirt and nondescript workout shorts while Wix opted for a strappy green sports bra and tight black leggings.

The happy couple appear to take fitness very seriously as a personal interest, showing off their toned bodies and bearing protein shakes and water bottles in hand as they trekked to and from the gym.

Wix would post a brief video to her social media while they worked out, showing Baena doing some hard reps, targeting the biceps. Laid overtop of the clip were the flame emoji and the shocked smiley emoji, lending a little bit of humor to the situation for those watching the feed.

Taking cues from the social media posts made to Instagram, it appears that Baena and Wix have been dating since July of 2017, meaning that their one-year anniversary is coming right around the bend if it hasn't happened already.

Last week Savannah Wix posted a photograph of the two lovers at a Dodgers game, both all smiles and showing some love for hometown heroes by wearing Dodgers jerseys. A cute caption accompanied the snapshot by Baena's girlfriend, reading "I think I glove you."

Whether Joseph Baena will follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a career in acting remains unclear. When the question of whether he might consider a career in acting was asked by TMZ last October to Baena, his reply was a terse and ambiguous "I mean, we'll see," adding to the uncertainty.

Baena is one of five children fathered by Arnold Schwarzenegger, four with wife Maria Shriver and one with the aforementioned Mildred Baena, Joseph's mother. Despite Shriver having filed for divorce in 2011 after the public revelation of the affair, she remains legally married to Schwarzenegger at this time according to TMZ.

Getty Images | Emma McIntyre

Despite having not known that Joseph was his son until the boy reached the age of about 7 or 8, and having to hide their relationship until the secret was laid bare nearly a decade ago, Schwarzenegger enjoys a healthy and loving relationship with Joseph Baena in more recent days, according to the New York Daily News.