'Big Brother 20' Spoilers: Week 2 Power Of Veto Winner Revealed, Plans Regarding Next Eviction Solidify

Things are already getting intense in the Season 20 Big Brother house. It is Week 2 with Kaitlyn acting as Head of Household and she quickly put together a plan she thought would shake things up substantially. Now the Power of Veto has been played and that will have an impact on who is evicted next. What's the latest?

After Kaitlyn won HOH, she talked with Tyler in great detail about what she wanted to do. She met with both Scottie and Winston before nominating each of them, telling both of them that they were pawns. The Big Brother 20 HOH ultimately hoped to backdoor Swaggy, but there was a POV competition that needed to be played first.

As Big Brother Network spoils, Tyler won the POV competition. This was a perfect outcome, given that he has been working with Kaitlyn on this next eviction plan. Tyler did use the POV to save Scottie, and Kaitlyn put Swaggy up on the block next to Winston.

Swaggy thinks that he has five people voting in his favor and he knows he has some time yet to try to line up the votes he needs to stay. He needs to pull in two more votes against Winston, and this may be tough to pull off.

There was some fallout from this POV ceremony. The live feeds showed Kaitlyn crying and talking about how this isn't who she really is, but she knew she had to make a bold move. Tyler reassured her, as did JC and Haleigh, while other Big Brother houseguests talked about Swaggy's nomination. Many wondered exactly who had known about the plan, and Bayleigh got emotional as she told Kaitlyn that Swaggy is the only one she really has in the house.

Right now, Swaggy is definitely in danger of being evicted. It is possible that he can shift things and round up the votes he needs before the live eviction Thursday night, but at this point, it doesn't look likely. As Big Brother Daily noted on Twitter, Swaggy told Bayleigh on the live feeds that he's determined to find a way to stay on Thursday. He wants to find a way to convince Tyler and Kaitlyn he's on their side, then tear things apart down the line.

Various groups of houseguests continue to theorize about the upcoming vote count and Big Brother spoilers hint that even Tyler and Kaitlyn have had moments of wavering to a degree. It does look like Swaggy will be the next one out, but stay tuned for additional spoilers as the next BB20 episode draws near.