'Teen Mom 2' Fans Freak Out About Briana DeJesus' Awkward On-Screen Kiss With Her Mother

Teen Mom 2 fans couldn't help but speak out after Briana DeJesus and her mother, Roxanne, shared one of the most awkward kisses ever during Monday night's brand new episode.

According to a July 10 report by Yahoo!, during the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus is seen packing her bags and getting ready to leave her home in order to travel to Miami to get plastic surgery. The mother-of-two had an appointed with Dr. Miami to get a tummy tuck, breast lift, and butt reshaping procedures done, and her mother was understandably worried for her daughter.

While Briana was saying goodbye to her mother, Roxanne, the mother goes in for a kiss, which Briana turns her cheek to. "Please be careful," Roxanne tells her daughter before kissing her on the face and then forcing her way to her mouth, where she holds the kiss for an uncomfortable amount of time.

"If Briana and her mom could not make out ever again that'd be great," one Twitter user wrote after watching the scene. "That kiss on the lips made me SO uncomfortable," another viewer commented on social media. "I love my mama, but that's a little much," another Teen Mom 2 fan stated.

As many fans know, Roxanne has a close relationship with her daughters, Briana and Brittany. The three women have been on their own for many years, and have even banded together to take care of Briana's little girls, Stella and Nova. However, fans seemingly didn't care for the awkward kiss that was shown during the episode, despite understanding that DeJesus' mother was worried for her well being.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Briana DeJesus' decision to get plastic surgery was a main factor in her split with Javi Marroquin. Javi and Briana split and he quickly moved on to his former girlfriend, Lauren Comeau. In May, Javi shocked Teen Mom 2 fans when he revealed that he and Lauren were expecting a baby together.

After the big baby bombshell was dropped, Briana DeJesus spoke out, revealing that she was happy for Javi Marroquin and that she wished him nothing but the best, saying there are no "hard feelings" between them.

"I'm happy for them. I wish them nothing but the best. I don't wish it was my baby. … All he wanted was a family and he got it. So good for him. Like I said, I'm sending my best wishes and have no hard feelings," the Teen Mom 2 star stated.