Britney Spears Teases Upcoming 'Piece Of Me' Tour In New Video With Crew

Britney Spears is getting ready to hit the road for her highly anticipated "Piece of Me" tour.

As most fans know, Spears took up residency in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood in 2013, where she stayed for five years as part of her incredibly popular show. And Vanity Fair is reporting that Miss Spears just could not stay away from her Vegas roots and signed yet another residency deal at the Park Theater inside the Monte Carlo Resort. The gig will begin in 2019.

But before she heads back to the desert, Spears is going on tour. According to her website, Spears will begin her highly anticipated "Piece of Me" tour on July 12 in National Harbor, Maryland. She will then travel to multiple locations across the U.S. as well as a few locations across the pond like London and Dublin, just to name a few. The tour will come to an end in Blackpool, UK, on September 1, but she will also play one more show in the States on October 21 in Austin, Texas.

And with the tour just around the corner, Spears teased fans with a video that she posted to her Instagram account last night. The video starts out with Spears and her crew standing together as if they are posing for a picture. Spears appears front and center in a short pair of pink shorts and a yellow shirt that is tied, exposing her toned tummy.

A few seconds into the video, Britney and co. exclaim "we're back!" as they throw their hands up in the air in celebration. The video then cuts to the crew all lined up as each one comes to the camera and says "hello," with some saying it in a different language. Brit Brit appears at the end of the video and also says "hi" before she dances out of the camera's view.

It's no secret that Spears' legion of fans is incredibly excited about her upcoming tour as the video has already received over 159,000 likes as well as 3,400 comments. Many commented that they would be seeing Spears live while some other fans took time to comment on Spears and her fun and goofy personality. There were also a few fans who begged Spears to come to their city.

"Yaayyyyy!!! Can't wait to see the show in Hollywood Beach. My FIFTH show!!!"
"She's coming home she's coming home she's coming, britneys coming home," another wrote.

"Britney, can you come to Taiwan again?? I missed it the first time you were here and you are my idol since hs," another fan asked.

Spears kicks off her tour on July 12 in National Harbor, Maryland.